Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my note to family and friends

This is the email/note that I sent to a couple family members. As most know-my husband and I are trying to be more self sufficient. Our hope-one day we will not have a food or electric bill! One day cannot come soon enough-but I do not want to wish my days away as I want to watch my beautiful children grow and enjoy every second of it. Unfortunately, the holidays are not very fun for me... I am the shopper, planner in this house. I buy 90% organic when I can. (I cannot afford organic meat..I just can't and I want to so badly) We are planning our garden so we can avoid the stores more. We only want to raise healthy happy kids. With family history or diabetes, and obesity-it only makes sense to be this way! With the cost of "food" it makes even more sense... How many of you have read the box of cereal you feed your kids? Well, let me tell you-having a kid w/ sensitivities changes your thoughts on anything that comes in a box or package. If I get my kids a "treat" (treat a.k.a WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR or it is processed-snack aka-fruit, smoothies and so on) it is organic so that there are no preservatives. I understand no food can be 100% organic anymore-we have messed up the Earth too much for that-but it does not mean  I will willingly feed my kids poison (food colorings, additives ...) ANYWAY-I am off on a tangent-here is the letter

As you know the kids all had a doctors appointment today.The doctor had a few things to say-most of which resulted in him saying this household needs to be dairy and gluten free.

This is not as difficult as most would think, and we are only asking for support. I am not asking for you to only eat this way when we are around-but I am saying you are not to offer food to
 children unless it is clearly gluten and dairy free. 

After this weekend there will be no more dairy or gluten for anyone that lives in this house. 
(we are not throwing away 10$ in organic milk-we are going to let the kids drink it up and not buy more-they know what is going on)

The doctor had wished we found him sooner-as Zariah would not have had to suffer her itchy eczema skin if we had kept her from dairy -it is the most commonly linked! He also thinks that this diet will help w/ her breathing issues
(chronic croup)
. He said we know what we are doing and basically need family and friends to respect our decision/needs.  Family functions do not need to be all about food-and I will provide whatever is needed as I know most people do not have a clue how to cook/prepare meals gf/df.
Also, most think it is overly expensive to eat this way-it does not have to be! we do not yet buy organic meat-cannot afford it! Venison, however, is free-and hormone/additive free chicken is not expensive either.

We only buy gf/df noodles and "packaged" stuff for like once or twice a month-we eat more fresh/canned foods. Hopefully, this summer we can get our own stock pile of HEALTHY homegrown foods and cut our food bill to nothing.
 Most of what we eat in this house is organic and always gf/mostly df. The reason organic is so important is not only because it is grown without chemicals (which I know some will argue-since the planet is so polluted-but seriously-why poison the ones we love with MORE chemicals?) but they do not use preservatives or artificial colors/flavors-which the doctor also pointed out will cause reactions with the kids. 

Now, I know everyone LOVES the kids and wants to make them happy-keep in mind these kids LOVE fresh fruit and veggies-even frozen! Smoothies and fresh berries are some of their all time faves! (make it organic and they are HEALTHY) These kids would take raspberries over candy any day.
If you MUST give the kids a treat-think organic fruit-they love it! If you need something for an easter basket or stocking-think organic mixed fruits (peter rabbit at wal-mart-very simple ingredients-the kids consider these a HUGE TREAT!
I believe it is by the applesauce
The doctor also recommended a drastic cut in all processed sugar. Syrup (real), honey and molasses in moderation-and next to NO sugar. He said he understands that the girls are big kids and know what this stuff is-so going cold turkey will be hard-he agreed w/ me that making a dairy free/gluten free batch of cookies/brownies or the like will not KILL them but it should be a SPECIAL TREAT. If you MUST provide a TREAT-please think of Annie's Homegrown Cocoa & Vanilla bunnies(blue/teal box gluten free at top-also dairy free) (3-5$/box at burnstads and health stores) these are a TREAT not a SNACK-as there is still a good amount of sugar. For Torrin- Organic Puffs-sweet potato flavor -only one that is gf and df.  
Most meals can be made gf/df- potato salad-use real mayo and real food ingredients (no milk! - onions, pickles, potatoes, cage free eggs-safe side dish)
What I feel is important for these kids is that they grow up knowing how to eat healthy and responsibly-and that starts now. I will not have them thinking of food as a HUGE thing-it needs to be eaten to keep them healthy and alive. (Did you know spinach and most leafy greens are a great source of calcium-and they are completely natural-no cow needed) Wheat is a big no no and I will not go into all the reasons that wheat should not be consumed. What you choose to do in your house w/ your bodies is all up to you-but our kids are our responsibility-and we want them healthy. I love them enough to tell them no.

end of letter

Really wished people realized that I do not want to be the "bad guy" and cause issues-I only do what is right for MY family. Sucks when the Doctor says "you may lose family and friends over this-but you have to do it..."


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well, the kids are on spring break. Yesterday, we spent the day doing crafts. We built a town w/ milk cartons and the kids had a blast! I got my ergo in the mail yesterday-I LOVE IT!

Today-we went to Bounce Bounce LLC-an indoor bounce house place. The girls had a ton of fun. We were there for a long time too 10am-230?? Zarina started to feel sick and had some tummy issues-so we had to leave. Bounce Bounce is in La Valle-which is also where Trail Break (Pizza ) is. I haven't eaten at Trail Break since I was a teenager! I haven't had dairy since December-which was the last time I had PIZZA! SOOO needless to say-when I found out they had gluten free pizza-I had to try! I feel like a horrible mom now. Zarina's belly still is acting up. I swear I did not know dairy could make diarrhea worse! I now have a headache-this very well may be the last day I ever eat dairy.I do not agree w/ milk or milk products-they are not natural-and they really do go against everything I believe in-but I did not think pizza ONE DAY would make the world come crashing down. I am scared to see how I feel later when the pizza has had more time to make its way through me...dairy is tricky because it can take 3 days to show up as a problem.I am going to be watching Torrin closely...
Tomorrow we have doctor appointments for Zariah and Torrin-hopefully they will do food allergy testing. If Zarina doesn't feel better we may just get her seen too!
Torrin had some organic gf/df puffs-they are sweet potato flavor-he loved them. The part I like best-with them being organic-there is no artificial anything in them! Very simple snack! I know he doesn't need them-but they are nice to have on hand when we go somewhere and he wants to feel like a big boy!
Just shoot me now-Zariah just said she has tummy issues now too. So, either there is a bug going around-or my kids cannot handle restaurants at all...probably both.
Sooo tomorrow hopefully we will learn something.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyone gives me crap because I am not a fan of taking OTC pain meds-or any meds for that matter. I do not like giving my kids meds, and will avoid it whenever possible. Here is a bit of information that shows why!
I have given Torrin tylenol ONE TIME-and I am mad at myself for doing it-he would have gotten over his pain. I felt bad for him-but honestly he would have gotten over it. I don't plan to use tylenol for little pains-EVER.
I am in pain as we speak, have been for 4 days now (Sciatic nerve) I caved and took tylenol at 3am this morning after not sleeping for 3 nights...I hurt again but am not taking anything.

My goal is to find safe NATURAL ways to relieve pain. It kills me that Doctors say herbs and oils are SOOO dangerous for pregnant or nursing women-but will give a DRUG...make sense to you? Not me!

Garden planning-life...

Hard to believe I am garden planning with the lovely WI snow still on the ground!  It is so cold out yet-but I SEE SUNLIGHT!!! I ordered a few more garden seeds today. Organic broccoli and wax beans among other things. Had a coupon for $25 off my purchase so only spent $12 on seeds!! I am super excited to start my natural/as organic as possible garden this year. My peppers haven't popped up just yet (I am getting worried). Some of the heirloom tomatoes I got from my garden friend have started popping up! I love seeing the baby plants show life! Two black hollyhocks have shot up too-I only planted a few flowers-just to have a few plants while I wait for the seeds to take off.
I found pinterest today-not a good thing I am thinking! I found all sorts of crafts to do w/ the kids, gluten free recipes and gardening ideas. ALSO-bedroom ideas!! I love finding all of these gf/df recipes-but I don't want to lose sight of eating simply. My goal is still to have my family eating healthy foods-foods from the earth-not a boat load of sugar and flours.  Treats are fine in moderation-but for a growing body-fruits, veggies and meats are best.

I found this girl-who appears to be from WI too- her site has some neat things on it!

The trampoline showed up yesterday (2 days after ordering!) Hopefully all the pieces are in it! The bed showed up last night-I haven't slept on it yet because it still smells NEW and I don't like it one bit! Torrin and I crashed on the couch-bet Nathan LOVED having a king sized bed to himself!

Not much going on otherwise-dealing w/ people arguing with me about my choice of stores to shop in (I do not walk my butt through the wal-mart doors-I will not-you cannot make me! If I ever HAVE to shop at wal-mart to survive-please just put me out of my misery-it is NOT as cheap as everyone thinks-you end up bringing home useless junk-way more than you would buy at a normal grocery store-save your 50 cents and put it toward healthy FOOD not crap you do not need!)

Oh-not sure if I mentioned this-but we switched to SOAP NUTS-they are really neat! They really to suds up and clean everything very well, and you are not throwing away a big plastic bottle every month this way! Now, if I could only get the hubby to start recycling more...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Calm it down...think it through...

So, my last couple posts have been written in anger/frustration whatever you want to call it. I am going to take the time to just write about what is going on RIGHT NOW.

Right now, I am waiting for my kids to get off the bus. I have missed them! It is a cruddy,snowy day and I am ready for my crazy girls to be home! We usually go to gymnastics on Monday's but the coach emailed and said we could reschedule since we got a LOT of snow and the roads are crap! We now have 3 make-up days to look forward to.

I was delighted this morning to see I have tomato plants peeking up from the dirt!!! Just waiting on peppers to pop up in the next few days and then more tomatoes and flowers (I just planted more last night)

Sunday we met a new "garden friend" that I have been chatting with online for over a week. She and her husband were very kind. The girls had a great time playing w/ their dogs and their tiny piggy that lives inside! (Now everyone wants a micro pig...) We got to eat FRESH carrots FROM THE GROUND-even w/ all this snow-it was awesome! They showed us how to cover up carrots so we can just go an dig them up as we need them-very cool! I got some seeds from them and just planted them-they are heirloom (which means I can save my seeds!!)

My girls are home-so I guess I can write some more later.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

They are my kids-back off

I really hate when people think I want their opinion or input on things. They are my kids-not yours-mine. I want to do what is right for my kids-if it is not the way you would do things-I really do not care-again-they are MINE. Why did I make gluten free play-doh...ummm because I CAN-how about the reason that my child reacts to glutens and I want him SAFE. It is nobody's business what I do or why I do it when it comes to these kids.
Don't ask me why my child doesn't sleep in his own bed for naps or at night-he is my kids not your.s. It is my job to worry about my husband and kids-not your job. Ask Nathan if he has a problem with how I am doing things-see what he has to say. My house is not spotless, but my baby knows his mama is there for him. This child knows when he opens his eyes-mama won't be far away. Torrin may not like strangers touching him-that is because he knows mommy and daddy are his safe place-he has no clue who the hell you are! You don't walk up to a 6 month old and try to take them from their mom, you don't touch them-it scares them-DUH. Back the hell off and worry about your own life-not mine.

FYI-My kids do not need McDonalds to feel like kids, they do not need public school to feel like they have friends-and keep it up and they won't need you to feel like they have a family!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss you...happy birthday

Not sure how today will go-when I was kissing the kids goodbye for the day (I hate this part every day and cannot wish for summer to come soon enough so I am not sending them away every day!) Zariah's backpack knocked into my EVERYWHERE! While I am cleaning it up-Torrin spewed all over the floor (good thing I had the wet rag ready from the coffee spill)...
Today is Wednesday, March 13th 2013. My late grandmothers birthday. She would be 66-she only lived to just barely see her 60th year. I remember her 60th party like it was yesterday! I had Zariah, Ashley only had Maliyah...I didn't know I was pregnant with Zarina until after Grandma had passed. My grandmother and I fought-a lot! Usually over things having to do with Ashley. I am told all the time I am very much like her. Strong willed, bull-headed, loving...I miss my Grandma so much...I got cheated out of time with her...She would ONLY be 66-still young in my eyes now...easily a 20+ year life left to live when she passed...Honestly, I thought this had gotten easier-and then a month or so ago-it just hit me-like a damn train. I was thinking of her-and crying (thought I was over that part of the grief) and then I would talk to someone and they would say how much I am like her...and my heart would pull some more.
Today, I am going to keep trying to plan out my garden-I realized last night I am missing some seeds I REALLY need to get started!
Happy Birthday Grandma....

Monday, March 11, 2013

I only do what I feel is right...For MY Family

I love how everyone thinks it is their duty to tell me how to raise my kids and run my life. I feel like I cannot turn to anyone for help with things. I am looking for garden advice/help. I am new to this and was not taught the ins and out of gardening-this does not give anyone the opening to tell me how to feed my children. My children (any person for that matter) do not NEED anything other than things that come from our earth! If we can hunt it or fish for it-cool beans! They can live on fruits and veggies that I can grow or get locally organic, as well as rice, potatoes and meats. They do not need soda (not natural), bread (too many ingredients) candy (...errrr....) MILK or milk products..they are NOT NEEDED.
We seriously need to take things back a step-we are turning into ro-bo people! Buying food off a shelf that doesn't expire for a few years-that is not ok-canning it yourself and KNOWING what is in it-sounds much better for this family!

Let us get one thing straight-
These kids will be schooled AT HOME BY ME.
These kids will eat WHOLESOME foods.
These kids will NOT be staying over at people's houses in the near future.
These are MINE AND NATHAN's Kids-NOBODY else's.

I love my kids enough to tell them NO. I love my kids so much I want them HEALTHY, in shape and eating foods that give their bodies energy to thrive. I do not want them sitting on their behinds watching tv all day, or playing video games-I want them OUTSIDE playing-like a child is supposed to!

Do I let the kids watch tv-YES-we love movies! I do not however, want them watching tv all the time. If they are at someones house to play-they should be doing just that-PLAYING.

Just keep pushing and see where it gets you. If you want me, or this family in your life-it may be wise to shut your mouth and think about things. Doing things the easy way-is not always (if ever) the right way. It sure as hell isn't the right way for this family.

I forgot to mention-I will no longer be asking for advice when my kids screw up by trying to burn down my house or break expensive toys-your input is not needed or wanted. thank you have a great day!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In need of a mentor

So, what I really need is a mentor. Someone to show me the ropes when it comes to gardening. I want to do as close to an organic raised garden as possible. I think I can plant the seeds (time will tell) but I would love to have my very own seeds for next year as well. There has to be a way...there just has to! I purchased some seeds from Gurney's (and I wish I had waited-because I could have gotten Organic seeds for the same price through a different company...) I simply did NOT know there were more companies out there-all I had ever heard of was GURNEY'S... I really want to know what to do. I don't know how many plants I need. I don't want to go and BUY actual plants-I want to be a part of this process start to finish. Everyone I know says "buy the plants"...but I want to do it! I want the satisfaction of knowing they are my babies...and they will grow and feed my real babies. I look outside at the mounds of snow-and am wishing for spring! I want to start my garden. I keep hoping my taxes will show up so I can get a small green house and get started! Our house seriously lacks windows-so starting indoors isn't really an option. I also cannot afford to do grow lights unless we get alternative energy. (R.E.C. is EXPENSIVE)
I have never had a big garden before. I have grown tomatoes...and some flowers...but honestly, I think that is all. We eat pretty darn simple right now. Meat (venison-free meat!!), chicken (cheap meat), organic rice, potatoes and VEGGIES! I don't buy boxed (crap) food. My indulgence is Skippy Natural no stir peanut butter...can't live w/o it! We also buy organic blue corn chips for salsa-but we do not really eat "junk". Once a month I will make GF cookies or brownies ( I am a woman people-and I am trying to not do this at all...but cut me some slack!) My big kids do not handle sugar well at all-the oldest bounces off the walls from one piece of candy/ it is not a "normal" thing in this house. I NEED this garden to be a success as I only purchase ORGANIC tomatoes and veggies-not only is it expensive-I cannot justify spending 100$ on canned tomatoes at one time so I am left running to the store once a week. I need my own veggies. I need a BIG garden. I want it pretty and functional. I have NEVER canned anything in my life! I don't want to ask for help from family-I want to get it figured out...if only I had friends to show me the ropes. (Canning and gardening doesn't seem to be "normal" for 25-30 year olds right now...
In all honesty, my father would be the PERFECT person to show me the ropes on canning, gardening and self sustaining. He is good at all of this stuff...but we don't talk. It sucks, because I look at my plans...and my kids...and I wish we had a relationship! After all the crap we have been through...I wish we could work it out. As much as I want to hate him for what he said-(he can't love me unless his wife likes me...)I love my dad...I am more like him than anyone else in my family and it scares me. The only difference-i would never put anyone before my children-not even my husband. My son looks so much like my makes it so much harder. I haven't talked to him in YEARS...but if he was willing to go out of his way to meet my kids and have a relationship-I would do it. My kids love to shoot guns and the bow and arrow. They love to fish. We eat Venison and cook in a cast iron man on our wood stove...I am trying to live a simple life (haven't worn make-up in a few months...) I want my kids to appreciate the earth and live a somewhat simple life. My father would be a good mentor...if only...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milk...does the body good? most people know I am all for breastfeeding. HELL yea breast is best! Why do you think they are on the front of a woman's body? It sure as hell isn't for people to stare at or play with. They are there to nourish our children. (Notice I did not just say INFANTS-a baby should be nursed as long as possible or until they wean themselves...who is to say that if a woman still produces that she shouldn't share with her household? ) Breastmilk FROM A HUMAN is FULL of cure alls!
MY milk can cure pink eye! (can that cows milk you are drinking???) MY milk can cure an ear infections? (should I ask that same question???)
 I took Torrin to the Dr. and they suggested antibiotics-I passed-instead I pumped out a few ml of MY BREASTMILK and into each ear a few drops went. Guess who isn't having ear pains?? I also put a few drops in MY nose and in my ears. Did I feel 100% better in an hour? No, but I also am not worrying about the side effects or getting a yeast infection either.
Do NOT tell me that drinking cows milk is really is not. Would you milk a dog and drink it? Would you take that dogs pups away from her and give them powered "milk" so you could have her MILK that is MADE for HER PUPS? There is nothing natural about drinking milk from another source. There is nothing Natural about feeding a baby formula.
Does my family drink milk? Unfortunately, my kids and husband still do. We are homeschooling this fall and the milk is getting cut in half starting this summer. Slowly-it will be gone. I blame advertising and the social "norms" on my family drinking milk at all. It pains me to know my kids think drinking milk is natural/normal-but if offered my liquid gold-they scrunch their nose.
I am thinking we need to change the way people think. Americans are FAT and lazy. We can and will survive w/o processed junk, without MILK, without a lot! We can and will survive and what the land gives us! This is my mission this year. I want my family eating ONLY what comes from our Good Earth. If I can shoot it-in the wild-and it wasn't injected w/ hormones and chemicals-my family can eat it. If I can grow it w/o chemicals-my family will eat it. END OF STORY. READ it...

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Decision Has been made!

We have tossed around the idea of homeschooling our children for years.
Well, drum roll please.... THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE! We are homeschooling the children!
We have found a curriculum that seems like a good fit for our family. I am not asking for anyone's opinion or permission. These are our children and we are doing what is best for them. The hardest part is when people make ignorant comments like:
 "what about socialization?" How is sitting in a class room where kids are screwing off, talking back and more worried about what they are wearing than learning good for my children? Not that it is anyone's business, but we are keeping the girls in gymnastics. We will also entertain other ways so they can "socialize" with people.
"won't they miss their friends?" Well, true friends will find a way to keep in touch-my guess would be that they have maybe one good friend in the bunch if they are lucky.
"you don't have an education to teach them" I don't need to be a teacher to teach them-the method I am using is self taught. It teaches the children to teach themselves.

Feel Free to check out the Robinson Curriculum if you would like to know more about how the kids will be taught.
All I ask is that you respect OUR decision (Nathan and myself). NO, I did not make this decision alone. YES, Nathan is the one that pushed for this (I mentioned it-and he pushed it right along). This was a decision that we made together, it was made over weeks/months-not over night.