Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyone gives me crap because I am not a fan of taking OTC pain meds-or any meds for that matter. I do not like giving my kids meds, and will avoid it whenever possible. Here is a bit of information that shows why!
I have given Torrin tylenol ONE TIME-and I am mad at myself for doing it-he would have gotten over his pain. I felt bad for him-but honestly he would have gotten over it. I don't plan to use tylenol for little pains-EVER.
I am in pain as we speak, have been for 4 days now (Sciatic nerve) I caved and took tylenol at 3am this morning after not sleeping for 3 nights...I hurt again but am not taking anything.

My goal is to find safe NATURAL ways to relieve pain. It kills me that Doctors say herbs and oils are SOOO dangerous for pregnant or nursing women-but will give a DRUG...make sense to you? Not me!

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