Friday, March 22, 2013

Garden planning-life...

Hard to believe I am garden planning with the lovely WI snow still on the ground!  It is so cold out yet-but I SEE SUNLIGHT!!! I ordered a few more garden seeds today. Organic broccoli and wax beans among other things. Had a coupon for $25 off my purchase so only spent $12 on seeds!! I am super excited to start my natural/as organic as possible garden this year. My peppers haven't popped up just yet (I am getting worried). Some of the heirloom tomatoes I got from my garden friend have started popping up! I love seeing the baby plants show life! Two black hollyhocks have shot up too-I only planted a few flowers-just to have a few plants while I wait for the seeds to take off.
I found pinterest today-not a good thing I am thinking! I found all sorts of crafts to do w/ the kids, gluten free recipes and gardening ideas. ALSO-bedroom ideas!! I love finding all of these gf/df recipes-but I don't want to lose sight of eating simply. My goal is still to have my family eating healthy foods-foods from the earth-not a boat load of sugar and flours.  Treats are fine in moderation-but for a growing body-fruits, veggies and meats are best.

I found this girl-who appears to be from WI too- her site has some neat things on it!

The trampoline showed up yesterday (2 days after ordering!) Hopefully all the pieces are in it! The bed showed up last night-I haven't slept on it yet because it still smells NEW and I don't like it one bit! Torrin and I crashed on the couch-bet Nathan LOVED having a king sized bed to himself!

Not much going on otherwise-dealing w/ people arguing with me about my choice of stores to shop in (I do not walk my butt through the wal-mart doors-I will not-you cannot make me! If I ever HAVE to shop at wal-mart to survive-please just put me out of my misery-it is NOT as cheap as everyone thinks-you end up bringing home useless junk-way more than you would buy at a normal grocery store-save your 50 cents and put it toward healthy FOOD not crap you do not need!)

Oh-not sure if I mentioned this-but we switched to SOAP NUTS-they are really neat! They really to suds up and clean everything very well, and you are not throwing away a big plastic bottle every month this way! Now, if I could only get the hubby to start recycling more...

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