Monday, March 11, 2013

I only do what I feel is right...For MY Family

I love how everyone thinks it is their duty to tell me how to raise my kids and run my life. I feel like I cannot turn to anyone for help with things. I am looking for garden advice/help. I am new to this and was not taught the ins and out of gardening-this does not give anyone the opening to tell me how to feed my children. My children (any person for that matter) do not NEED anything other than things that come from our earth! If we can hunt it or fish for it-cool beans! They can live on fruits and veggies that I can grow or get locally organic, as well as rice, potatoes and meats. They do not need soda (not natural), bread (too many ingredients) candy (...errrr....) MILK or milk products..they are NOT NEEDED.
We seriously need to take things back a step-we are turning into ro-bo people! Buying food off a shelf that doesn't expire for a few years-that is not ok-canning it yourself and KNOWING what is in it-sounds much better for this family!

Let us get one thing straight-
These kids will be schooled AT HOME BY ME.
These kids will eat WHOLESOME foods.
These kids will NOT be staying over at people's houses in the near future.
These are MINE AND NATHAN's Kids-NOBODY else's.

I love my kids enough to tell them NO. I love my kids so much I want them HEALTHY, in shape and eating foods that give their bodies energy to thrive. I do not want them sitting on their behinds watching tv all day, or playing video games-I want them OUTSIDE playing-like a child is supposed to!

Do I let the kids watch tv-YES-we love movies! I do not however, want them watching tv all the time. If they are at someones house to play-they should be doing just that-PLAYING.

Just keep pushing and see where it gets you. If you want me, or this family in your life-it may be wise to shut your mouth and think about things. Doing things the easy way-is not always (if ever) the right way. It sure as hell isn't the right way for this family.

I forgot to mention-I will no longer be asking for advice when my kids screw up by trying to burn down my house or break expensive toys-your input is not needed or wanted. thank you have a great day!

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