Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milk...does the body good?

SOOO...as most people know I am all for breastfeeding. HELL yea breast is best! Why do you think they are on the front of a woman's body? It sure as hell isn't for people to stare at or play with. They are there to nourish our children. (Notice I did not just say INFANTS-a baby should be nursed as long as possible or until they wean themselves...who is to say that if a woman still produces that she shouldn't share with her household? ) Breastmilk FROM A HUMAN is FULL of cure alls!
MY milk can cure pink eye! (can that cows milk you are drinking???) MY milk can cure an ear infections? (should I ask that same question???)
 I took Torrin to the Dr. and they suggested antibiotics-I passed-instead I pumped out a few ml of MY BREASTMILK and into each ear a few drops went. Guess who isn't having ear pains?? I also put a few drops in MY nose and in my ears. Did I feel 100% better in an hour? No, but I also am not worrying about the side effects or getting a yeast infection either.
Do NOT tell me that drinking cows milk is NATURAL...it really is not. Would you milk a dog and drink it? Would you take that dogs pups away from her and give them powered "milk" so you could have her MILK that is MADE for HER PUPS? There is nothing natural about drinking milk from another source. There is nothing Natural about feeding a baby formula.
Does my family drink milk? Unfortunately, my kids and husband still do. We are homeschooling this fall and the milk is getting cut in half starting this summer. Slowly-it will be gone. I blame advertising and the social "norms" on my family drinking milk at all. It pains me to know my kids think drinking milk is natural/normal-but if offered my liquid gold-they scrunch their nose.
I am thinking we need to change the way people think. Americans are FAT and lazy. We can and will survive w/o processed junk, without MILK, without a lot! We can and will survive and what the land gives us! This is my mission this year. I want my family eating ONLY what comes from our Good Earth. If I can shoot it-in the wild-and it wasn't injected w/ hormones and chemicals-my family can eat it. If I can grow it w/o chemicals-my family will eat it. END OF STORY.

http://health101.org/art_milk.htm READ it...

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