Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss you...happy birthday

Not sure how today will go-when I was kissing the kids goodbye for the day (I hate this part every day and cannot wish for summer to come soon enough so I am not sending them away every day!) Zariah's backpack knocked into my EVERYWHERE! While I am cleaning it up-Torrin spewed all over the floor (good thing I had the wet rag ready from the coffee spill)...
Today is Wednesday, March 13th 2013. My late grandmothers birthday. She would be 66-she only lived to just barely see her 60th year. I remember her 60th party like it was yesterday! I had Zariah, Ashley only had Maliyah...I didn't know I was pregnant with Zarina until after Grandma had passed. My grandmother and I fought-a lot! Usually over things having to do with Ashley. I am told all the time I am very much like her. Strong willed, bull-headed, loving...I miss my Grandma so much...I got cheated out of time with her...She would ONLY be 66-still young in my eyes now...easily a 20+ year life left to live when she passed...Honestly, I thought this had gotten easier-and then a month or so ago-it just hit me-like a damn train. I was thinking of her-and crying (thought I was over that part of the grief) and then I would talk to someone and they would say how much I am like her...and my heart would pull some more.
Today, I am going to keep trying to plan out my garden-I realized last night I am missing some seeds I REALLY need to get started!
Happy Birthday Grandma....

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