Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my note to family and friends

This is the email/note that I sent to a couple family members. As most know-my husband and I are trying to be more self sufficient. Our hope-one day we will not have a food or electric bill! One day cannot come soon enough-but I do not want to wish my days away as I want to watch my beautiful children grow and enjoy every second of it. Unfortunately, the holidays are not very fun for me... I am the shopper, planner in this house. I buy 90% organic when I can. (I cannot afford organic meat..I just can't and I want to so badly) We are planning our garden so we can avoid the stores more. We only want to raise healthy happy kids. With family history or diabetes, and obesity-it only makes sense to be this way! With the cost of "food" it makes even more sense... How many of you have read the box of cereal you feed your kids? Well, let me tell you-having a kid w/ sensitivities changes your thoughts on anything that comes in a box or package. If I get my kids a "treat" (treat a.k.a WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR or it is processed-snack aka-fruit, smoothies and so on) it is organic so that there are no preservatives. I understand no food can be 100% organic anymore-we have messed up the Earth too much for that-but it does not mean  I will willingly feed my kids poison (food colorings, additives ...) ANYWAY-I am off on a tangent-here is the letter

As you know the kids all had a doctors appointment today.The doctor had a few things to say-most of which resulted in him saying this household needs to be dairy and gluten free.

This is not as difficult as most would think, and we are only asking for support. I am not asking for you to only eat this way when we are around-but I am saying you are not to offer food to
 children unless it is clearly gluten and dairy free. 

After this weekend there will be no more dairy or gluten for anyone that lives in this house. 
(we are not throwing away 10$ in organic milk-we are going to let the kids drink it up and not buy more-they know what is going on)

The doctor had wished we found him sooner-as Zariah would not have had to suffer her itchy eczema skin if we had kept her from dairy -it is the most commonly linked! He also thinks that this diet will help w/ her breathing issues
(chronic croup)
. He said we know what we are doing and basically need family and friends to respect our decision/needs.  Family functions do not need to be all about food-and I will provide whatever is needed as I know most people do not have a clue how to cook/prepare meals gf/df.
Also, most think it is overly expensive to eat this way-it does not have to be! we do not yet buy organic meat-cannot afford it! Venison, however, is free-and hormone/additive free chicken is not expensive either.

We only buy gf/df noodles and "packaged" stuff for like once or twice a month-we eat more fresh/canned foods. Hopefully, this summer we can get our own stock pile of HEALTHY homegrown foods and cut our food bill to nothing.
 Most of what we eat in this house is organic and always gf/mostly df. The reason organic is so important is not only because it is grown without chemicals (which I know some will argue-since the planet is so polluted-but seriously-why poison the ones we love with MORE chemicals?) but they do not use preservatives or artificial colors/flavors-which the doctor also pointed out will cause reactions with the kids. 

Now, I know everyone LOVES the kids and wants to make them happy-keep in mind these kids LOVE fresh fruit and veggies-even frozen! Smoothies and fresh berries are some of their all time faves! (make it organic and they are HEALTHY) These kids would take raspberries over candy any day.
If you MUST give the kids a treat-think organic fruit-they love it! If you need something for an easter basket or stocking-think organic mixed fruits (peter rabbit at wal-mart-very simple ingredients-the kids consider these a HUGE TREAT!
I believe it is by the applesauce
The doctor also recommended a drastic cut in all processed sugar. Syrup (real), honey and molasses in moderation-and next to NO sugar. He said he understands that the girls are big kids and know what this stuff is-so going cold turkey will be hard-he agreed w/ me that making a dairy free/gluten free batch of cookies/brownies or the like will not KILL them but it should be a SPECIAL TREAT. If you MUST provide a TREAT-please think of Annie's Homegrown Cocoa & Vanilla bunnies(blue/teal box gluten free at top-also dairy free) (3-5$/box at burnstads and health stores) these are a TREAT not a SNACK-as there is still a good amount of sugar. For Torrin- Organic Puffs-sweet potato flavor -only one that is gf and df.  
Most meals can be made gf/df- potato salad-use real mayo and real food ingredients (no milk! - onions, pickles, potatoes, cage free eggs-safe side dish)
What I feel is important for these kids is that they grow up knowing how to eat healthy and responsibly-and that starts now. I will not have them thinking of food as a HUGE thing-it needs to be eaten to keep them healthy and alive. (Did you know spinach and most leafy greens are a great source of calcium-and they are completely natural-no cow needed) Wheat is a big no no and I will not go into all the reasons that wheat should not be consumed. What you choose to do in your house w/ your bodies is all up to you-but our kids are our responsibility-and we want them healthy. I love them enough to tell them no.

end of letter

Really wished people realized that I do not want to be the "bad guy" and cause issues-I only do what is right for MY family. Sucks when the Doctor says "you may lose family and friends over this-but you have to do it..."


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