Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well, the kids are on spring break. Yesterday, we spent the day doing crafts. We built a town w/ milk cartons and the kids had a blast! I got my ergo in the mail yesterday-I LOVE IT!

Today-we went to Bounce Bounce LLC-an indoor bounce house place. The girls had a ton of fun. We were there for a long time too 10am-230?? Zarina started to feel sick and had some tummy issues-so we had to leave. Bounce Bounce is in La Valle-which is also where Trail Break (Pizza ) is. I haven't eaten at Trail Break since I was a teenager! I haven't had dairy since December-which was the last time I had PIZZA! SOOO needless to say-when I found out they had gluten free pizza-I had to try! I feel like a horrible mom now. Zarina's belly still is acting up. I swear I did not know dairy could make diarrhea worse! I now have a headache-this very well may be the last day I ever eat dairy.I do not agree w/ milk or milk products-they are not natural-and they really do go against everything I believe in-but I did not think pizza ONE DAY would make the world come crashing down. I am scared to see how I feel later when the pizza has had more time to make its way through me...dairy is tricky because it can take 3 days to show up as a problem.I am going to be watching Torrin closely...
Tomorrow we have doctor appointments for Zariah and Torrin-hopefully they will do food allergy testing. If Zarina doesn't feel better we may just get her seen too!
Torrin had some organic gf/df puffs-they are sweet potato flavor-he loved them. The part I like best-with them being organic-there is no artificial anything in them! Very simple snack! I know he doesn't need them-but they are nice to have on hand when we go somewhere and he wants to feel like a big boy!
Just shoot me now-Zariah just said she has tummy issues now too. So, either there is a bug going around-or my kids cannot handle restaurants at all...probably both.
Sooo tomorrow hopefully we will learn something.

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