Sunday, March 17, 2013

They are my kids-back off

I really hate when people think I want their opinion or input on things. They are my kids-not yours-mine. I want to do what is right for my kids-if it is not the way you would do things-I really do not care-again-they are MINE. Why did I make gluten free play-doh...ummm because I CAN-how about the reason that my child reacts to glutens and I want him SAFE. It is nobody's business what I do or why I do it when it comes to these kids.
Don't ask me why my child doesn't sleep in his own bed for naps or at night-he is my kids not your.s. It is my job to worry about my husband and kids-not your job. Ask Nathan if he has a problem with how I am doing things-see what he has to say. My house is not spotless, but my baby knows his mama is there for him. This child knows when he opens his eyes-mama won't be far away. Torrin may not like strangers touching him-that is because he knows mommy and daddy are his safe place-he has no clue who the hell you are! You don't walk up to a 6 month old and try to take them from their mom, you don't touch them-it scares them-DUH. Back the hell off and worry about your own life-not mine.

FYI-My kids do not need McDonalds to feel like kids, they do not need public school to feel like they have friends-and keep it up and they won't need you to feel like they have a family!

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