Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and break

Well, Saturday we went to the in-laws for Easter. We managed to eat gluten free (I ate dairy free as well). They did fix macaroni salad but I did not allow the girls to eat it. They have been gf for over a week and I did not want them going backwards.
As of today-Monday-everyone is to be completely and totally df/gf. The milk is gone from the house so no more dairy. I hate sending the kids to school since it is so much harder to keep tabs on them. I sent Zarina with a lunch bag that weighs as much as she does. Potato salad, salami, cookie (healthy p.b. oats cookie) and some other stuff.
Zariah is home sick. She had a fever Saturday at the in-laws she was "cold" but when we got home and checked her-she was at 98 degrees-1/2 hr later she was at 103 degrees. We got it under control with cool cloth and thought she was fine Sunday (Easter). Sunday-she woke up and played, found her Easter basket and eggs and played on the trampoline. We got the bedroom sorted (old clothes out new clothes in) and she went to sleep in a silly (funny) mood. This morning Nathan woke me up saying Zariah was throwing up. She told me she threw up in the night (AND DIDN'T WAKE ME-I WANTED TO CRY). Right now, Zariah is sipping chamomile tea w/ honey-I really did not know what else to give her that wasn't full of preservatives, food dyes and CRAP. I am hoping nobody else gets this. Vicki told me about a 1 y/o that was hospitalized for "intestinal" issues (diarrhea and fever) and was severely dehydrated. I am SO scared for this to happen to Torrin.

Not sure if I posted this in my other posts-but last week was Spring break and the girls had a blast. It went way too fast...I cannot wait to have them home with me all the time. We went to bounce bounce, did crafts and just HUNG OUT. Floyd and Nathan got the trampoline up yesterday-QUICKLY too. I was so happy (not as happy as the girls) that they got it up even though it was 40 degrees, windy and just plain crappy out! The girls played for hours! Nathan and I both took turns playing with them too!!

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