Saturday, April 27, 2013

I am a horrible person, believe it all

Didn't you know, I am a horrible person.
Believe everthing you hear!
I kill puppies, i love to kick old people in the shins,
i feed poison to cute baby kittens ...
I do it all!

I am a witch,  call me a bitch.

If you really feel I am that bad of a person. I dont know what to say...

If you are going to believe the dumbest shit you hear, you are a freakin retard and not  worth my time and efforts anymore- I quit.

So, I spent the day entertaining children that would rather play video  games than play outside...and they chose to make up stories about me.

I thought today was going well.

My big kids got to play with their cousins,
they do not get to see very often.

the kids had fun playing on the trampoline.

 The only thing I saw that should have had anybody a little upset
was when the boys came inside and wanted to play the PlayStation.

I simply said it was beautiful outside and that we don't get to see them very often and I thought it would be better if the kids play outside rather than playing the PlayStation.

The first time I said this, I got a reply that it was okay.
Out they went...
To PLAY and enjoy being together...
It looked like everyone was having fun!

I came inside a bit later
Found hands pawing at my ps3...
I repeated my earlier statement...we do not need video games today...

After i said no...I was asked for a 3rd time that day
They really cant play?

The answer is still no...
Though I would never tolerate my children asking so many times,
I kept a smile on my face, they were company, family...

There was disappointment on his face...I knew I was suddenly the mean "aunt"
I know they don't respect me as their aunt...
I've been in their life since one was 2 and the other was born...
...never mattered...

 but I do not let my children watch the PlayStation be played
I do not agree with children watching violent video games
I know my girls really missed them and wanted to play.

The day was wrapping up...
We sat and talked, it went well a call

"Did Tamika say the boys couldn't use the house bathroom? "

Ummmmmmmm EXCUSE ME???
Who the hell would believe that?

Let me tell you who...a giant dumbass

If you have tha negative opinion of me,
 I'm not going to be able to change it.
I'm not going to even try...


I am done with the negativity,
Done with being treated like crap,
Done with it all

My kids are mine, remember that!

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