Sunday, April 14, 2013

I don't needs meds...

so I sit here and I realize I don't need medication I'm probably not depressed...I just miss my husband. I got thinking and it makes sense I'm usually okay for the first two or three days. Come day 3&4 and I am a basket crazy Looney nutjob. Nathan has been in my life for almost 11 years we have had our ups and downs what we do best when we're together. every time he has left for more than a few days either got cranky and moody or some other bad things. I breastfeed Torrin and we cosleep so obviously I'm not going to find myself at the bottom of a bottle. I feel pathetic for saying this and it probably makes me a lesser person but I need my husband. I've never really had problems in life unless he has been gone. I felt like a Giant sap, but nathan is my concrete my glue my support...he keeps me from falling apart.

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