Monday, April 22, 2013

just my day

so this post isn't anything special. I'm just going to talk about my day, my weekend and whatever's on my mind.
this weekend, we went to Menards and bought the building supplies for working on our pantry and garage. When we got home our neighbor showed us his new new ducklings and baby chicks.
my mom and little brother met us at Menards the kids had fun hanging out with them. My girls absolutely hate menards,  so it was a nice treat
sunday, Nathan was able to get one of the shelving units built in the garage.
we found out this weekend that one off the young children at school has a brain tumor and it is cancer. I can't help but feel for the family. Life truly is not fair. We are praying for the child and the family. We really hope that's a child is not in a lot of pain. I cannot nor would I ever want to imagine the pain family feels right now...I really don't even know the right things to say. I am so grateful and lucky my kids are healthy and I hope that never changes. Tomorrow is never a guarantee, we all need to remember this everyday.
Torrin is on the floor playing with his toys right now I'm laying next to him and he is ignoring me. He knows I'm here though.

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