Wednesday, April 10, 2013

mad at myself

♡♡Well, I went to Burnstad's and now I am mad at myself.  I spent 70 dollars and am not sure what I got. I do know I got 4 meals for the dogs and that was about 10 dollars... but when I was there I remembered Zariah wanted dumpling make dumpling soup I need gf pancake mix($5) use up the rest of the mix I needed syrup (which btw is slmost 10 $)....soup also means I needed a chicken ($7) tonight we have chicken and tomorrow I will make stock and then soup. I will have a happy child but I really only got 2 dinners worth of food for the humans in this house. Now, to make the dumplings I also needed almond all adds up so fast! I want to be self sufficient and not need the store but right now we do not have our own food. I am really hoping this garden works out and that Nathan is successful in hunting and fishing this year.
I also I know I can stretch a chicken further than 2 meals but probably won't. We will probably eat on it for lunch one day or more since Zarina will be home the rest of the week with me.
The thing I hate about thr grocery store is that when you are in thete you think you need backup go to easy backup meal is spaghetti. ($4 noodles, $3 sauce) not bad but considering I had to pick up organic fruits n veggies...the trip got expensive fast.
10 oz bag of strawberries wsa on sale for 3 $ not the best sale price but we needed them, same for the other berries. I can make the girls a smoothie and know they are getting enough vitamins and a decent meal to tie them over.
So, needless to say YES anyone can afford to shop organic where it counts, but it is hard to do in this town and on an empty stomach!♥♥

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