Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ready for the change

I want to apologize right now, I am using a tablet to write this, and I am using the voice to text option.
 I could not be more ready for our families big change. I'm ready to pull my kids from school, and to teach them how to live a responsible life.

As most people know I purchase mostly organic for our household.

Purchasing organic food can be expensive and sometimes hard to find in rural Wisconsin. I really wish more local stores stocked up on local produce during the summer and kept it in the freezer section.
 I would really love to support local farmers verses big corporate ones.
I need to head into town to pick up more organic fruit for the girls lunches. I know it is going to be expensive but we have made cut backs in other areas.

I hate when people say they cannot afford to buy organic produce because it is not more expensive to eat organic if you put down the bag of cheese puffs. I am really hoping my garden does well this year, I say this looking out my window, and there is ice on the ground yet again.I really feel more and more that people will learn to grow their own food and to eat organic or local more as a requirement than by choice.eventually, people have to realize, it is cheaper to eat organic than to be fat, unhealthy,  and on a million medications. I hate that people think I am an extremist or over the top, but at the same time I don't really care I know I am doing what is right for me.
I just read a short article about organic being OK or not and it really does fall back on buying local whenever possible. I ran into somebody in the store yesterday,they have a child who can no longer handle gluten either. you would think we would connect on a level or two, however I did not understand her way of thinking. I don't get how if your child can't handle something why you would just look for an unhealthy alternative. Be the parent, tell your child no. it is not necessary to eat bread, yes it tastes good but it doesn't mean you have to have it. how can you say you can't afford to buy organic produce for your large family but you can purchase  a few bags of unhealthy chicken nuggets? it takes a lot more unhealthy food to feed a large family than to purchase healthy organic food for the same people.
that $3 bag of potato chips may look cheap until you realize it's going to take two bags to feed your family and that's not even a meal it is junk. How about taking the $6 you just spent and put it into some healthy fruits and veggies.
I am NOT A saint we buy stuff that is not considered healthy from time to time but you have to start somewhere.
this is the article I mentioned.

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