Saturday, April 13, 2013

ready for the hubby to come home

I am just plain ready for nathan to get his butt home. I am strong and independent but I do not enjoy being single.  My kids will probably hate me by the time their father returns. I have always been proud of myself as a mother because I had well disciplined kids, they listened the first time and did what was expected....well, I must be slacking because I have gotten more back talking and just been flat out ignored more I  the last week than I will tolerate... which leaves me with my bitch face on. I have tried the gentle parenting,  and I am sorry but it doesn't work! My kids will respect me or they will sit their happy asses in the corner.
They don't watch tv, they don't play video games,  they have to earn that right by behaving. I know most people will look at my kids and think, wow, what good I am doing something right, but I will not tolerate being ignored or disrespected by any child.
I love love love my kids....more than life! I know they do not ruin my stuff on purpose, but their lack of respect for other people's things really irks me.
I feel like a horrible mom because of all of the above I ahave kids are all great! Ijust need to enforce the rules harder I guess...I want my kids to know that I do love them, and always will...I also need themnto abide by the rules and know ignoring me will have consequences.
Have I mentioned I hate crafts? My girls love them,  I hate them.  I buy them craft stuff, they do crafts,  my house gets trashed and things get ruined.  I love that they play nice while doing crafts and they use their imaginations,  but again they ignore everything around them and ruin things.  Oh, I hate play doh too...I am thinking my kids can play outside...inside stuff just pisses me off.
Mom of the year, I accept the nomination...ha

I need my other half to come home and do his half or quarter of the parenting...I know he is only hlme a few hrs a day...and most parenting falls on me...but the support is needed

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