Thursday, April 25, 2013

sick days

Well, most moms know...there is no such thing as a sick day for us. Unfortunately, that doesn't make us any less upset when we feel better and take a look around the house. I started feeling ill Sunday,  felt worse Monday, like death Tuesday,  Wednesday I was feeling more like me, and today (Thursday) I am back to eating and feel like I am about myself again. Now when I say sick, I mean fall on flu symptoms. Hot, cold, fever, chills, body aches, weakness, dizzy spells.lucky for me, my nursing baby nursed more, and slept more too! On tuesday, I was upset to nitice I was starting my cycle...I did the math and realized it was about 3 weeks since I last had the "flu".nathan has been wondering how I've gotten sick so much this year, nobody else has been so sick...but then the pieces started clicking into place. My flu symptoms come on without notice, like the normal flu. Each month they are getting worse. April 2nd, my symptoms came on as I was leaving the la leche league meeting, and about crippled me on my way out the door, got hone with a high fevet and went to bed.....within 24 hrs I was fine. This time was a totally different ball game! I have been sick for days! Something is going do I fix it?
My house needs cleaning, some of my plants died as nobody thought to water them...makes me sad as our veggie garden is important to me!
Hopefully I will get the house back in order soon.
Much to oldest baby is 7 next gpa turns 70 2 days after that...lots to sick days, too much work to do.

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  1. Cut onions and stick a half in windowsill. a garlic clove a day and extra vitamin c. That is what o do (: like a charm I am hardly ever sick (knock on wood) ...and when anyone in our home gets sick I get out onions and place them around..