Sunday, April 28, 2013

what my blog is actually for... we did a simple nature project!

Today was a beautiful spring day! It was well over 70, and I got a bit of a sunburn!

Last night my husband cut down our big tree in the front yard, it was a bitter sweet moment. I hated losing the tree since we do not have much shade around our house... but the wood from the tree will keep us nice and toasty next winter PLUS I am using some of the  branches for my garden fence!

We are building an organic stick with nature (no pun intended) stick fence! So far it is going great, but we have a long way to go.

My husband takes branches from the tree and uses them for the posts, he digs the holes and sets them, and the branch weaving is on me!

I had my baby boy strapped on while I was assembling my masterpiece, he slept off and on and laughed and yelled a bit too. All Iin all, I wish I had accomplished more...but did pretty good for a breastfeeding attachment parent!

The hubby aslo cut me some log stepping stones for the walk way! I am getting so excited for my garden now!

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