Friday, May 10, 2013

a crazier simple man!

so, as most would suspect with me having an 8 month old to keep busy, my husband is the one taking most of the lead with the gardening.

What people may not know is that he was actually a motorcycle mechanic and now he works tech support for a motorcycle company.
This does not scream crazy simple life style but it pays the bills.

One thing people may not know about my husband but it is one thing I absolutely love, is that he had a great relationship with his grandparents. His parents had him when they were little bit older, his brother is 10 years older than him.
My husband's grandparents passed away a while ago now and I know he thinks about them all the time. Charlotte passed before we got married, we named our first daughter after her. Nathan and Charlotte had a wonderful relationship they played games together and one of his fondest memories is bird watching.

Yesterday my husband disappeared for a while, I hit the horn on the truck several times trying to get his attention. Normally this works,I hit the beeper...he comes running in from the garage...this did not work yesterday. When he finally did come in he presented us with a peanut butter log which is made for the birds. it is such a simple bird feeder, it looks cute, and the best that the birds love it. He also presented me with an Oriole feeder. Another crazy simple bird feeder!  it is made from our leftover scrap wood from projects! The bird feeder roof

is made out of our bamboo flooring, the pegs for the birds stand on are the branches I'm using to make my fence.

on another note, one thing (probably the only thing...) i am going to miss about my kids being in public school is the surprise memory gifts! Zariah brought me home a beautiful letter and a cup of dirt...she says it is a sunflower!
I took a picture of it in case anything ever happens to is so sweet!
(i felt horrible because she was a bear last night and i had to send her to bed early...)

Caught one...
Caught 2!

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