Saturday, May 25, 2013

crazy...but not very damn simple!

Okay,so most people that know me or talk to me will quickly learn that I worry about money all of the time.
It doesn't matter if I have a dollar in my bank account or a thousand dollars in my bank account, I worry about money.
My biggest expense it seems, FOOD and going to get food! I am horrible at meal planning. I want to see my family eat nutritious meals that are also organic when possible. We are all out of venison, which we love because it is organic and darn near free.
I am hoping our garden does well this year because our next biggest money spender other than organic meat is organic potatoes and tomatoes. When we do not have venison, potatoes and tomatoes, I seriously do not know what to fix for dinner.
Before we were gluten and dairy free, meals seemed a lot easier to plan, now that we try to eat healthier it is so hard to plan a meal. Organic chicken is hard to find and if I buy it in town it is $11 for one pound, enough to make me wish I was a vegetarian. On that note, I could never be a vegetarian. I do not like vegetables!  I can eat them mixed in stuff but not by themselves.

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