Saturday, June 29, 2013


Let me start off by saying, we had an amazing breakfast this morning! It was supposed to be quick and easy so we could go pick was quick and easy...we did not pick berries. It rained AGAIN! I prepped for breakfast last night. I have a KitchenAid mixer with quite a few attachments,  one being the shredder. I shredded lots of potatoes and and an onion, tossed in 10 to 12 eggs and some pepper...and let the crackpot works its magic! Nathan got up early, fried some bacon and threw it in the pot...yummmmmm
So, even though we didn't get to pick strawberries,  we did get to wake up to a house that smelled amazing and food that tasted great! Everything was 'safe' the eggs were free range, but not organic, the bacon was not organic, but it was nitrate and nitrite free (ingredients were pork, water, salt, celery powder...) organic potatoes and onion!
We still managed to leave the house early enough to hit a few places before they closed,(bank &post office), get 15 more tomato cages, (eventually I will have enough...) put way too many dollars worth of fuel in my truck, quick trip to hell...I mean wal-mart...(man I hate shopping there!) And made it home to start the real work!

Kids 'helped' weed the tomatoes, still lots of weeds left to pull...I am really trying hard not to nag, but let me tell you, IT IS HARD! I ♥♥♥my kids, and I am strict...but they really need to learn to help! Torrin was eating grass and dirt, and decided to throw a fit since mommy put him down (he was in ring sling and managed to about fall out, this kid can flop like a fish!)

Now, I am planted on the couch, half exposed, holding a sleepy baby that KNOWS the very second I try to put away his milk supply...even when he is fast asleep!

Nathan is trying to beat Mother Nature, our yard needs a quick trim! I hear the weed eater, not sure if he will get a chance to mow or not.

Our neighbor got a rooster, man is he ugly! I guess he has been handled a lot though, so may try to pet him! My birds nedd their coop finished BADLY, they keep trying to perch up high. I really hope they don't get lose in the garage, or my dogs! My pond is one duck short, not sure what's dead.

I submitted a request for just shy of $1500 worth of curriculum for Zariah. We are schooling at home, but her school is considered public virtual.  Zarina will be traditionally homeschooled. I probably wouldnt both with public at all, but I need the printer and I can give such a better education this way!

I need to find out when gymnastics starts again, don't really want to foot the bill, but it is good for the kids.

Finally, after that ever exciting recap of my day...2 things

I still haven't heard from my brother. It makes me sad...but I want to get past it. I may never meet my neice or nephew,  and it won't be my fault. I tried, but I will not be anyone's doormat. It makes me sad, I love mh brother, but I must not mean enough to him...

I made banana muffins, got the recipe from Sophia, they were a hit! I made a pan of mini muffins, torrin ate a LOT of them! They are the perfect size and he loved them. I will post her recipe, I will say this...could probably use xanthum gum,  they do not rise without it, this does not mess up the taste though! Also, I didnt use an exact timer, I pulled minis out at 13 mins...tried one, stuck back in for a min...and forgot about them...they got more brown, but Oh man were they tasty! I pulled normal sized around 25ish mins, they could've baked another 5 and been fine I think.

2 eggs OR 2 Tbsp flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp water) OR chia eggx2

2 ripe bananas

3 Tbsp agave nectar, maple syrup or honey (may want more, mine were not very sweet, but I prefer less

3 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla or plain almond milk OR your choice unsweetened milk, I used homemade almond milk

 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup almond meal (this was leftover from my fresh almond milk! ground from raw almonds)

 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp oat flour (ground from GF oats) this is where my KitchenAid mixer comes in handy!

bake at 350 and use common sense . again,  not my recipe! I got it from a friend, my family enjoyed it!
I added a little more flour than above...mine needed it, common sense came into play here.

Friday, June 28, 2013


So, a few things...
Grinding oat flour takes way longer tha  rice...
Payday is not enjoyable,  you just watch a big paycheck get smaller and smaller before it has even cleared...
Grocery shopping sucks!

Monday, June 24, 2013

crazy and never simple....

please keep in mind if you read my blog that I often write using voice text on my tablet. Many sentences are either incorrectly written, words may be spelled wrong or they just completely sound messed up. I am NOT ignorant and I do know how to spell and write a proper sentence, unfortunately I also have an almost 10 month old who is constantly attached to my boob and in my lap. I do not have the time to blog successfully and care for my family and my ever-growing homestead and worry about proper English when I am blogging. Enjoy♥♥
As i posted before, this weekend we had to replace our patio door. As soon as it was installed I decided we were going to have grilled asparagus for dinner, while I was grilling my food it decided to pour outside. We have had the craziest weather this week. We sat down to eat our delicious dinner and we got to hear hail hitting the ground. I wanted to cry so badly, all I could think about was my precious garden. Luckily, it appears that aside from a muddy mess and too much water, everything seems to have fared the rain well. We did manage to build part of our chicken coop in the garage this weekend. I am sad to say we had to use some of our 2x4 lumber that was for the pantry to build it. we did manage to use a bunch of our scrap wood for the walls. It was so nice to see what that should have been thrown away because it was basically useless being put to use. My husband had to cut about 2 inches off of each board, so instead of throwing them away, i handed the kids some sandpaper and told them to make themselves some stacking blocks. they thought this was awesome. They really enjoyed being able to play with stuff that they are normally not allowed to play with. It was so simple and it made them so happy. We were able to let the chickens and turkeys sleep in their new house last night. Watching them stretch their wings was so awesome. They love all of the space they have gained. Our next step with their coop is to finish the walls and to fence of a big area outside, so that they have safe access to the outdoors and all of the bugs that go with it. the birds are going to be mostly free range during the day, once I get a few guineas. I do want to have a safe,secure, completely tight area that I do not have to worry about mink, coon, Hawks or anything getting my baby birds

Saturday, June 22, 2013

quick update

So, just a random quick update...
We went back to the feed store and brought home 18 more chicks and 4 turkeys! We have way too many damn birds in my house now! Good thing Torrin sleeps with me because they are in his room.  They are growing very quickly, we were going to buil their chicken coop today,  but the patio door decided to die. We had the replacement in the garage, just really did not want to work on it when we have so much other crap to do! I wanna get my butt in the garden but it is super humid and muddy, so gonna wait til after 4 probably...hoping it cools off!
Got to eat a few blueberries off of my plant! Very exciting!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

with a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there...

We bought chicks!
 To be honest, I went to Chets today with the hopes of bringing home the 2 baby turkeys they had last night...they were gone :(

they had baby chicks though!

They were on sale, buy 10 and they are 2 $ each...he had 11 so that 1 was free! I got 11 beautiful Austra white chicks for $20!!! (Plus feed of course) right now, they are in the dog crate on my kitchen floor, hubby just shook his head. My big kids are excited! We want to handle them often so they do not run when we  want to pet them. I am hoping my kids develope a good sense of compassion for all animals, even onss that may not enjoy being loved on!

Our awesome neighbor also picked up some chicks! He is housing all of the meat chicks. (20 of them are ours!) They are cute little fluff balls. I really hope to raise a lot of our own food in the futue. It is nice to know what goes in to what you feed your family! I really don't want to see THOSE chicks as cute since I know they are food, but I can't help it! I'd rather raise an animal happy and let it have a good life, know its face, and maybe let the kids name it...than buy some strange bird who I never met, but was raised in a scared, overcrowded environment!  I am sure it will be sad, but we will learn to appreciate our food, and thank the creatures who feed us.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homestead fantasy!!??

So, call me weird...but I fantasize about having a homestead! Sure, it would be great to win the loto and live big and rich...but I dream of a community!

If only...I had a good hundred acres with 3 or 4 families that worked together instead of living like strangers...
if only I could feed my family organically without my husband needing to be gone 60 hours a week...
If only I could teach my kids how to be good citizens who are smart, well mannered, and could survive if tragedy ever struck...(I am not a disaster planner, I do not have guns by every door...I am not THAT crazy).
IF ONLY neighbors worked together for the common good! We all live separate lives SEP AR ATE.
I hate it! I know all "natural" mamas have a lot to get done and do to live their life, but if we worked together everyone would not have to DO IT ALL.

You ever notice how hard the Amish work? They work sun up til sun down. I would love to spend a day just observing honestly...I am pretty sure the men do most of the outside stuff, but still, they work hard.
I am guessing that is why on Sunday they have such a HUGE gathering. yes they are religious, and they praise the Lord together...but it is about COMMUNITY! They sit down and eat and PLAY together. They spend 6 days a week working their butts off, and on the 7th day-they enjoy their family and friends! I do not need people at my house every day, I do not need a friend to call on me each WOULD be nice if one day a week (even a dif friend each week) we could get together, let the kids play, talk about our weeks, LAUGH and enjoy life!
I have to admit, I have an AWESOME neighbor. We do kind of work together. They are older (kids my age and older), they garden and have a 4-wheeler...we use the quad-they use our kind of works out. They have chickens, and a coop...we are getting chickens to butcher and they are 'HOUSING' them until we are able to do it on our own in a yr or two...they do not live an "organic" lifestyle. They use weed-n-feed...they use fertilizers (non organic) and feed grains to their steers and hens that are NOT organic..but they are GREAT neighbors! WE NEED MORE! They have a lot of land, and I am hoping to purchase 3-5 acres from them in the next 3-5 years so I can have a mini-orchard area, and have an area to maybe raise some livestock. I REALLY want to be able to care for my family without a grocery store...but how? If I had people working together it would be so much better!
I cannot give up my fantasy...hopefully one day my dreams will become least some of them!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

meal planning?

So, I know I have said  it a million times, but I suck at meal planning and grocery shopping! We eat 90% organic, always gluten free and dairy is expensive! It is hard to plan! When we had venison, we ate a lot of stew. Tomatoes, potatoes and venison are staples in our home...but the venison is gone! My food bill is up over 600 a month...which I cannot afford at all. But I will not sacrifice my family's health to lower my food bill!

here again is where I have mentioned I need help and nobody is able to help me. Let me tell you, I miss bread! like homemade bread, not the store crap. I would love to make some homemade bread or cornbread and have it actually turn out and taste good without having to have 6 different flours!

I would love to know if it would be safe to feed my child wheat... but I am scared! I don't want to listen to the screaming and know that he is in pain. Part of me would really love to get a goat for milk and to make fresh butter...but I do not know if our bodies can handle it and if I would be successful.

in all honesty the gluten free life is not so bad but I was a good Baker and now I am NOT. I feel like a failure when I have to buy a mix to make a loaf of bread instead of just throwing it together myself. I don't want my kids raised on mixes I want them to know what is in their food. I just wish I had somebody to help me

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

100% × 10....?

so I really wanted my next post to be about how everyone says it takes a village to raise a child but yet it feels like you end up doing it alone. Nobody really truly wants to help. Sure they will take your kid for a day and load them up on sugar or let them do crap they wouldn't normally get to do at home so when you get them back they're little heathens, but they don't actually help.

right now my mind is a mess kind of like my house and everything around me. I got the acceptance letter for my oldest to do the virtual school where they let you choose your own curriculum and they pay for all of the extras that you need. Sounds like the perfect situation, it is turning out to be the perfect situation for me to have a panic attack.

 Ever since I got the letter I have been nothing but moody and short tempered. I don't have a clue what I want to order. I know how I want to teach my children I want to use the Robinsons curriculum, where they do math, reading, and writing and they learn their social studies and all of that other stuff through their reading.

 I am planning on supplementing with things that interest them. I know I would like to look at a calendar and pick out all of the fun and not so fun holidays and have the kids do little project based on those, because let's face it my kids love to craft.

 I hate PlayDoh and paint and all other messy things, because nobody seems to clean up or put it away other than me.

I wish I was the perfect mother who enjoy doing the things with her kids but I am NOT.

 I do not know how women use to do everything with a baby at their side.

 I am sick of being told to put my child down and let him get used to being alone, there is nothing normal about that.

please explain to me why it would be okay to let a 9 month old scream because all he wanted was his mommy but she needed to clean the floors.

I have realized that I need help. (and I am getting sick of people saying well duh we know you need help)

Before, it would hurt me to say I need help. Well, now I just feel stupid because I am saying I need help and nobody really wants to listen. I cannot give 100 percent to being a mom, a cook, a maid, a friend, a wife, a teacher, an accountant...I cannot give 100 percent to all of those things and still be me. I know I know moms stretch them selves thin all the time... if I keep stretching I should just disappear! I cannot be 100 percent at everything. So you either get me really good at 1 or 2 things you get me a mediocre at three or four things or you get me a terrible at everything. So far I feel like I suck at everything.