Saturday, June 29, 2013


Let me start off by saying, we had an amazing breakfast this morning! It was supposed to be quick and easy so we could go pick was quick and easy...we did not pick berries. It rained AGAIN! I prepped for breakfast last night. I have a KitchenAid mixer with quite a few attachments,  one being the shredder. I shredded lots of potatoes and and an onion, tossed in 10 to 12 eggs and some pepper...and let the crackpot works its magic! Nathan got up early, fried some bacon and threw it in the pot...yummmmmm
So, even though we didn't get to pick strawberries,  we did get to wake up to a house that smelled amazing and food that tasted great! Everything was 'safe' the eggs were free range, but not organic, the bacon was not organic, but it was nitrate and nitrite free (ingredients were pork, water, salt, celery powder...) organic potatoes and onion!
We still managed to leave the house early enough to hit a few places before they closed,(bank &post office), get 15 more tomato cages, (eventually I will have enough...) put way too many dollars worth of fuel in my truck, quick trip to hell...I mean wal-mart...(man I hate shopping there!) And made it home to start the real work!

Kids 'helped' weed the tomatoes, still lots of weeds left to pull...I am really trying hard not to nag, but let me tell you, IT IS HARD! I ♥♥♥my kids, and I am strict...but they really need to learn to help! Torrin was eating grass and dirt, and decided to throw a fit since mommy put him down (he was in ring sling and managed to about fall out, this kid can flop like a fish!)

Now, I am planted on the couch, half exposed, holding a sleepy baby that KNOWS the very second I try to put away his milk supply...even when he is fast asleep!

Nathan is trying to beat Mother Nature, our yard needs a quick trim! I hear the weed eater, not sure if he will get a chance to mow or not.

Our neighbor got a rooster, man is he ugly! I guess he has been handled a lot though, so may try to pet him! My birds nedd their coop finished BADLY, they keep trying to perch up high. I really hope they don't get lose in the garage, or my dogs! My pond is one duck short, not sure what's dead.

I submitted a request for just shy of $1500 worth of curriculum for Zariah. We are schooling at home, but her school is considered public virtual.  Zarina will be traditionally homeschooled. I probably wouldnt both with public at all, but I need the printer and I can give such a better education this way!

I need to find out when gymnastics starts again, don't really want to foot the bill, but it is good for the kids.

Finally, after that ever exciting recap of my day...2 things

I still haven't heard from my brother. It makes me sad...but I want to get past it. I may never meet my neice or nephew,  and it won't be my fault. I tried, but I will not be anyone's doormat. It makes me sad, I love mh brother, but I must not mean enough to him...

I made banana muffins, got the recipe from Sophia, they were a hit! I made a pan of mini muffins, torrin ate a LOT of them! They are the perfect size and he loved them. I will post her recipe, I will say this...could probably use xanthum gum,  they do not rise without it, this does not mess up the taste though! Also, I didnt use an exact timer, I pulled minis out at 13 mins...tried one, stuck back in for a min...and forgot about them...they got more brown, but Oh man were they tasty! I pulled normal sized around 25ish mins, they could've baked another 5 and been fine I think.

2 eggs OR 2 Tbsp flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp water) OR chia eggx2

2 ripe bananas

3 Tbsp agave nectar, maple syrup or honey (may want more, mine were not very sweet, but I prefer less

3 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla or plain almond milk OR your choice unsweetened milk, I used homemade almond milk

 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup almond meal (this was leftover from my fresh almond milk! ground from raw almonds)

 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp oat flour (ground from GF oats) this is where my KitchenAid mixer comes in handy!

bake at 350 and use common sense . again,  not my recipe! I got it from a friend, my family enjoyed it!
I added a little more flour than above...mine needed it, common sense came into play here.

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