Monday, June 24, 2013

crazy and never simple....

please keep in mind if you read my blog that I often write using voice text on my tablet. Many sentences are either incorrectly written, words may be spelled wrong or they just completely sound messed up. I am NOT ignorant and I do know how to spell and write a proper sentence, unfortunately I also have an almost 10 month old who is constantly attached to my boob and in my lap. I do not have the time to blog successfully and care for my family and my ever-growing homestead and worry about proper English when I am blogging. Enjoy♥♥
As i posted before, this weekend we had to replace our patio door. As soon as it was installed I decided we were going to have grilled asparagus for dinner, while I was grilling my food it decided to pour outside. We have had the craziest weather this week. We sat down to eat our delicious dinner and we got to hear hail hitting the ground. I wanted to cry so badly, all I could think about was my precious garden. Luckily, it appears that aside from a muddy mess and too much water, everything seems to have fared the rain well. We did manage to build part of our chicken coop in the garage this weekend. I am sad to say we had to use some of our 2x4 lumber that was for the pantry to build it. we did manage to use a bunch of our scrap wood for the walls. It was so nice to see what that should have been thrown away because it was basically useless being put to use. My husband had to cut about 2 inches off of each board, so instead of throwing them away, i handed the kids some sandpaper and told them to make themselves some stacking blocks. they thought this was awesome. They really enjoyed being able to play with stuff that they are normally not allowed to play with. It was so simple and it made them so happy. We were able to let the chickens and turkeys sleep in their new house last night. Watching them stretch their wings was so awesome. They love all of the space they have gained. Our next step with their coop is to finish the walls and to fence of a big area outside, so that they have safe access to the outdoors and all of the bugs that go with it. the birds are going to be mostly free range during the day, once I get a few guineas. I do want to have a safe,secure, completely tight area that I do not have to worry about mink, coon, Hawks or anything getting my baby birds

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