Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homestead fantasy!!??

So, call me weird...but I fantasize about having a homestead! Sure, it would be great to win the loto and live big and rich...but I dream of a community!

If only...I had a good hundred acres with 3 or 4 families that worked together instead of living like strangers...
if only I could feed my family organically without my husband needing to be gone 60 hours a week...
If only I could teach my kids how to be good citizens who are smart, well mannered, and could survive if tragedy ever struck...(I am not a disaster planner, I do not have guns by every door...I am not THAT crazy).
IF ONLY neighbors worked together for the common good! We all live separate lives SEP AR ATE.
I hate it! I know all "natural" mamas have a lot to get done and do to live their life, but if we worked together everyone would not have to DO IT ALL.

You ever notice how hard the Amish work? They work sun up til sun down. I would love to spend a day just observing honestly...I am pretty sure the men do most of the outside stuff, but still, they work hard.
I am guessing that is why on Sunday they have such a HUGE gathering. yes they are religious, and they praise the Lord together...but it is about COMMUNITY! They sit down and eat and PLAY together. They spend 6 days a week working their butts off, and on the 7th day-they enjoy their family and friends! I do not need people at my house every day, I do not need a friend to call on me each WOULD be nice if one day a week (even a dif friend each week) we could get together, let the kids play, talk about our weeks, LAUGH and enjoy life!
I have to admit, I have an AWESOME neighbor. We do kind of work together. They are older (kids my age and older), they garden and have a 4-wheeler...we use the quad-they use our kind of works out. They have chickens, and a coop...we are getting chickens to butcher and they are 'HOUSING' them until we are able to do it on our own in a yr or two...they do not live an "organic" lifestyle. They use weed-n-feed...they use fertilizers (non organic) and feed grains to their steers and hens that are NOT organic..but they are GREAT neighbors! WE NEED MORE! They have a lot of land, and I am hoping to purchase 3-5 acres from them in the next 3-5 years so I can have a mini-orchard area, and have an area to maybe raise some livestock. I REALLY want to be able to care for my family without a grocery store...but how? If I had people working together it would be so much better!
I cannot give up my fantasy...hopefully one day my dreams will become least some of them!!

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