Wednesday, June 5, 2013

meal planning?

So, I know I have said  it a million times, but I suck at meal planning and grocery shopping! We eat 90% organic, always gluten free and dairy is expensive! It is hard to plan! When we had venison, we ate a lot of stew. Tomatoes, potatoes and venison are staples in our home...but the venison is gone! My food bill is up over 600 a month...which I cannot afford at all. But I will not sacrifice my family's health to lower my food bill!

here again is where I have mentioned I need help and nobody is able to help me. Let me tell you, I miss bread! like homemade bread, not the store crap. I would love to make some homemade bread or cornbread and have it actually turn out and taste good without having to have 6 different flours!

I would love to know if it would be safe to feed my child wheat... but I am scared! I don't want to listen to the screaming and know that he is in pain. Part of me would really love to get a goat for milk and to make fresh butter...but I do not know if our bodies can handle it and if I would be successful.

in all honesty the gluten free life is not so bad but I was a good Baker and now I am NOT. I feel like a failure when I have to buy a mix to make a loaf of bread instead of just throwing it together myself. I don't want my kids raised on mixes I want them to know what is in their food. I just wish I had somebody to help me

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