Friday, June 14, 2013

with a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there...

We bought chicks!
 To be honest, I went to Chets today with the hopes of bringing home the 2 baby turkeys they had last night...they were gone :(

they had baby chicks though!

They were on sale, buy 10 and they are 2 $ each...he had 11 so that 1 was free! I got 11 beautiful Austra white chicks for $20!!! (Plus feed of course) right now, they are in the dog crate on my kitchen floor, hubby just shook his head. My big kids are excited! We want to handle them often so they do not run when we  want to pet them. I am hoping my kids develope a good sense of compassion for all animals, even onss that may not enjoy being loved on!

Our awesome neighbor also picked up some chicks! He is housing all of the meat chicks. (20 of them are ours!) They are cute little fluff balls. I really hope to raise a lot of our own food in the futue. It is nice to know what goes in to what you feed your family! I really don't want to see THOSE chicks as cute since I know they are food, but I can't help it! I'd rather raise an animal happy and let it have a good life, know its face, and maybe let the kids name it...than buy some strange bird who I never met, but was raised in a scared, overcrowded environment!  I am sure it will be sad, but we will learn to appreciate our food, and thank the creatures who feed us.

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