Friday, July 26, 2013

The Garden

We have put a lot of time, energy, and a bit of money as well into our first REAL garden. Words cannot describe how SCARED I am that it will not give us enough back! I know I do not weed daily, but our garden is lookin OK. The tomatoes,oh the tomatoes...they appear to have a disease! The plants started out looking amazing, then the branches started to yellow and die...NOW the plants have brown spots forming, and the leaves are dying faster! I AM SO SCARED!!! WE NEEEEED TOMATOES!

The bush beans are spotty yet, PLEASE let them produce! I get a handful at a time, and I hear from others that they are filling gallon bags with less plants! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

The climbing beans, well today was the first day we were able to pick a handful. A HANDFUL! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH A HANDFUL? We need buckets full! I was hoping to be up to my eye balls in tomatoes and am I scared!

We are trying so so hard to be organic, to lessen our impact on the raise healthy, food conscious kids-and my garden is tuggin in the wrong direction!

I paid the bills, I bought some expensive peaches and blueberries (berries are frozen already-peaches need canned...) there is not a lot of money left over to be buying food. We want to be debt free. We want to take our food bill from $600+ to under $300 with dog food and toiletries...we NEED this garden!

I really do not want to go buy bushels of tomatoes from the Amish-I talked to them and they SPRAY their plants! Maybe if I had sprayed am so not going there! WE need this food-but not at the expense of eating chemicals! This will work-if not, I will stick my hand out and ask for peoples extra deer meat this year-so many hunt for sport and not food. I will feed my family, and I will not feed them junk.

I am not a religious person but man do I pray our food grows and we preserve it...I want to give my family healthy, yummy food they can watch grow and be a part of!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I am going to give a quick update of the past week!

Nathan took off from Wednesday through the weekend, it was deathly hot out, but we got as much done as we could. Nathan did his best, he got the chicken coop about done, inside and out.  He installed the new baby gate, widening the doorway!

The local co-op wrote me back, saying sorry and sending me a $5 certificate. Ok?

Friday, we met the homeschool group from the Kickapoo area. We met at the Crane Foundation, it was cool, they were cool. I hope to make friends and meet up more!

monday, I met the local homeschool group at the park. Zariah got stung twice...not the best way to start the day...but it went well.  I may have even made a friend!

I made a couple of new recipes!

I made date balls, 4 dates, a cup of soaked drained almonds,  crunchy p.b., some sun butter...some coconut all processed and blended...yummmmm

Last night I took 2 cs of brown rice and  1.5c lentils...boiled and simmered... took about a cup of e.v.o.o. got it hot, cooked a big onion (thinly sliced and separated) In the oil, added the left over oil to beans and rice mixture, cooked a lb of beef and added it to the rice n beans. When I knew the rice was cooked through, I dished evryo e up and topped with the cooked onions a little salt and some fresh cut looked like barf, and it tasted AMAZING!

It has been 2 months since I spoke with my is hard to move on...I wish he would tell me what he wants...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

my letter to local co-op

today, I had gone in for my grocery shopping trip and had a bad experience at the local coop. the lady was rude and I just felt unappreciated as a customer I am sending a letter.
just a quick note, my family goes through a lot of raisins,  we buy 3 to 5 pounds a month.the local coop normally only have small bags made up and I will ask them to sell a big bag for me, this wasnever been a problem before. today she told they have no reason that I had to I was told they did not have any raisins left except for what was made up in the bags, i had to buy about 13 small bags, it seems like a waste of plastic and twist ties to me. I also made friendly talk that I noticed the beast has gone up 30 cents a pound in the last 2 weeks. in this shopping trip I spent about $80, i got three different kinds of dry beans, 3 half pounds of turkey bacon, garlic, and raisins...I am NOT a member but I feel I do spend a good amount of money this store. I tried to get the letter word for word but I am using voice text so some of it is going to be messed up.


to whom it may concern
I want to start by saying I am NOT a member I do not have the extra cash right now and am hoping to hunt in harvest enough food to care for my family this fall. I know as a non member I do not have the voice in your company. I spend a lot of money at your store is money and I can always spend it somewhere else.
I believe in community and supporting small businesses as much as possible.
the above being said, a couple of issues. I was in there today, I spent about $80,,CBS went up 30 cents in the last 2 weeks, the worker was rude. I will probably only shop when I see one liz is working customer service skills and way better than the woman working today. I came in for garlic which never brings up right I watch the screen, beef, and raisins I have to say selling raisins in half pound bags is OK at the checkout as a healthy snack however me having to buy 10 plus bag because I am NOT allowed to fill a bag is wasteful. am I really the only person that wants to buy 3 pounds at a time? my family has gluten and dairy allergies, we eat healthy organic food which means we go through a lot of crazy pound a week. if I can buy three different kinds of beans in the bulk container,why can't I get bigger bag? I know this seems silly but it is a waste bags and twist ties. working have been nicer I am Not sure you would be getting this letter. my husband works hard for his money and I will not places I am treated poorly, if I want it bad treatment I would shop more at Walmart.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

direct reflection....

What goes on in our life, is not a direct reflection of our parents! We are our own people, adults, not one person with several heads.

Do I ever feel how I was raised has an affect on how I handle situations in life, yes, I'd be lying if I said no. I will not let my adolescent experiences dictate my life, I will not follow in every footstep my parent would be foolish!

We often look to our parents for guidance, and I think they feed off of it, rather than offer a few open minded suggestions, and watch for the outcome.

 The training wheels are off, let go of the bike!

When we call our parent (s) as adults to vent out frustration, we do not need them freaking out over things, or telling us which path to take, how to raise our kids, or how to handle a situation...but to LISTEN...we are adults.

As an adult, I have a choice of who is in my life. As a child, family is family, you stick together... (you are stuck!) As an adult, I do not have to have anyone in my life that does not fit... I believe in accepting people for who they are, so long as who they are is not harmful to me or my family. Criticism of my family, or how we run is toxic,  and toxins I am forced to kill toxic relationships before they harm the relationships that matter most, those being with my husband and kids.

I am not a religious person by any means, but I PRAY when my kids are grown, that I am happy and content in my life! I PRAY  my marriage is more important to me, than what is going on with my neighbors, or my kids day to day life... I always want to be a part of my children's lives, but I don't want to make their adult lives more important than my own!

crazy, and never simple...

I have said it before, but my life never feels simple! We have all these goals, these dreams...and am unsure how to attain them. On our quest to live a greener, cleaner life, we still have debt! My husband makes more money than he has ever made...and we are still finding it difficult to budget! Our house payment is super low, but our home is a work in needs a lot of work! Our latest trip to Menards drained us $700 which hurt! It was so we could put another wood stove in so we can heat solely with wood. The pipe pays for itself in 3 months of not having to use LP, but it still hurt! Next we need to buy plywood and insulation to keep the floors warmer. It is a trailer with addition, it isn't perfect, but I would rather have this than a $1000/month payment!

We eat organic, and until my garden gives me healthy free food, and we get a couple of deer in the freezer,  and my hens start laying, my food bill is high! I am trying to figure out just how much we will spend on food once we can our foods, and clue yet!

Nathan is very unhappy with his job, and I do not know how to help. When the house is paid and we have little to no debt, he can hopefully work part time and we will live closer to nature. We have to have some kind of income obviously, how much is the question... with no house payment, no food bill, no electric or heat bill (solar n wind power are in our future) we are looking at insurance,  fuel to drive,  animal food and care, taxes and savings...I hope to pay down student loans (one of our biggest mistakes!) If we reduce our $600/month food bill to $200 for food and toiletries, plus house and other savings...we could cut out over 1100 $ a month! That is one whole paycheck...he could work for half as much as he does now!

We enjoy being together as a family. I jnow my husband enjoys working outside at our home. Hopefully, one day soon, he can be home more with us and we can be a family more!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

working like crazy

Sunday, we took a day off and headed to the lake and I swear im still making up for it! Monday, we (kids n myself) went and picked another 30#s of strawberries,  which took quite awhile! Then, we went to Burnstad's and got 48#lbs of organic  bananas for 20 $!! So needless to say, I have been peeling and hulling like a mad woman! I froze a bunch monday night n tuesday, but with the kids and library the time I cleaned the kitchen, finishing up the berries and pie everything in the freezer it was after 12! I do NOT stay up that late ever, torrin still wakes to nurse, so im always in bed at like 930/10 cuz im lucky to sleep for 3 hrs before he wakes up! BUT I got them all done! My finger nails are killing me, berry seeds under my nails.  Nathan took the tiller thru the rows yesterday, just need to finish weeding around the plants? we are gonna have to buy garlic! Hardly any of the stuff came up! I need to remember to buy and plant this fall for next year. Im not loving my teepees...they make them look so easy online...I hope my beans n peas do well . probably going to look into panels next year.