Tuesday, July 9, 2013

crazy, and never simple...

I have said it before, but my life never feels simple! We have all these goals, these dreams...and am unsure how to attain them. On our quest to live a greener, cleaner life, we still have debt! My husband makes more money than he has ever made...and we are still finding it difficult to budget! Our house payment is super low, but our home is a work in progress...it needs a lot of work! Our latest trip to Menards drained us $700 which hurt! It was so we could put another wood stove in so we can heat solely with wood. The pipe pays for itself in 3 months of not having to use LP, but it still hurt! Next we need to buy plywood and insulation to keep the floors warmer. It is a trailer with addition, it isn't perfect, but I would rather have this than a $1000/month payment!

We eat organic, and until my garden gives me healthy free food, and we get a couple of deer in the freezer,  and my hens start laying, my food bill is high! I am trying to figure out just how much we will spend on food once we can our foods, and hunt...no clue yet!

Nathan is very unhappy with his job, and I do not know how to help. When the house is paid and we have little to no debt, he can hopefully work part time and we will live closer to nature. We have to have some kind of income obviously, how much is the question... with no house payment, no food bill, no electric or heat bill (solar n wind power are in our future) we are looking at insurance,  fuel to drive,  animal food and care, taxes and savings...I hope to pay down student loans (one of our biggest mistakes!) If we reduce our $600/month food bill to $200 for food and toiletries, plus house and other savings...we could cut out over 1100 $ a month! That is one whole paycheck...he could work for half as much as he does now!

We enjoy being together as a family. I jnow my husband enjoys working outside at our home. Hopefully, one day soon, he can be home more with us and we can be a family more!

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