Thursday, July 11, 2013

my letter to local co-op

today, I had gone in for my grocery shopping trip and had a bad experience at the local coop. the lady was rude and I just felt unappreciated as a customer I am sending a letter.
just a quick note, my family goes through a lot of raisins,  we buy 3 to 5 pounds a month.the local coop normally only have small bags made up and I will ask them to sell a big bag for me, this wasnever been a problem before. today she told they have no reason that I had to I was told they did not have any raisins left except for what was made up in the bags, i had to buy about 13 small bags, it seems like a waste of plastic and twist ties to me. I also made friendly talk that I noticed the beast has gone up 30 cents a pound in the last 2 weeks. in this shopping trip I spent about $80, i got three different kinds of dry beans, 3 half pounds of turkey bacon, garlic, and raisins...I am NOT a member but I feel I do spend a good amount of money this store. I tried to get the letter word for word but I am using voice text so some of it is going to be messed up.


to whom it may concern
I want to start by saying I am NOT a member I do not have the extra cash right now and am hoping to hunt in harvest enough food to care for my family this fall. I know as a non member I do not have the voice in your company. I spend a lot of money at your store is money and I can always spend it somewhere else.
I believe in community and supporting small businesses as much as possible.
the above being said, a couple of issues. I was in there today, I spent about $80,,CBS went up 30 cents in the last 2 weeks, the worker was rude. I will probably only shop when I see one liz is working customer service skills and way better than the woman working today. I came in for garlic which never brings up right I watch the screen, beef, and raisins I have to say selling raisins in half pound bags is OK at the checkout as a healthy snack however me having to buy 10 plus bag because I am NOT allowed to fill a bag is wasteful. am I really the only person that wants to buy 3 pounds at a time? my family has gluten and dairy allergies, we eat healthy organic food which means we go through a lot of crazy pound a week. if I can buy three different kinds of beans in the bulk container,why can't I get bigger bag? I know this seems silly but it is a waste bags and twist ties. working have been nicer I am Not sure you would be getting this letter. my husband works hard for his money and I will not places I am treated poorly, if I want it bad treatment I would shop more at Walmart.

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