Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I am going to give a quick update of the past week!

Nathan took off from Wednesday through the weekend, it was deathly hot out, but we got as much done as we could. Nathan did his best, he got the chicken coop about done, inside and out.  He installed the new baby gate, widening the doorway!

The local co-op wrote me back, saying sorry and sending me a $5 certificate. Ok?

Friday, we met the homeschool group from the Kickapoo area. We met at the Crane Foundation, it was cool, they were cool. I hope to make friends and meet up more!

monday, I met the local homeschool group at the park. Zariah got stung twice...not the best way to start the day...but it went well.  I may have even made a friend!

I made a couple of new recipes!

I made date balls, 4 dates, a cup of soaked drained almonds,  crunchy p.b., some sun butter...some coconut all processed and blended...yummmmm

Last night I took 2 cs of brown rice and  1.5c lentils...boiled and simmered... took about a cup of e.v.o.o. got it hot, cooked a big onion (thinly sliced and separated) In the oil, added the left over oil to beans and rice mixture, cooked a lb of beef and added it to the rice n beans. When I knew the rice was cooked through, I dished evryo e up and topped with the cooked onions a little salt and some fresh cut looked like barf, and it tasted AMAZING!

It has been 2 months since I spoke with my is hard to move on...I wish he would tell me what he wants...

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