Wednesday, July 3, 2013

working like crazy

Sunday, we took a day off and headed to the lake and I swear im still making up for it! Monday, we (kids n myself) went and picked another 30#s of strawberries,  which took quite awhile! Then, we went to Burnstad's and got 48#lbs of organic  bananas for 20 $!! So needless to say, I have been peeling and hulling like a mad woman! I froze a bunch monday night n tuesday, but with the kids and library the time I cleaned the kitchen, finishing up the berries and pie everything in the freezer it was after 12! I do NOT stay up that late ever, torrin still wakes to nurse, so im always in bed at like 930/10 cuz im lucky to sleep for 3 hrs before he wakes up! BUT I got them all done! My finger nails are killing me, berry seeds under my nails.  Nathan took the tiller thru the rows yesterday, just need to finish weeding around the plants? we are gonna have to buy garlic! Hardly any of the stuff came up! I need to remember to buy and plant this fall for next year. Im not loving my teepees...they make them look so easy online...I hope my beans n peas do well . probably going to look into panels next year.

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