Friday, August 16, 2013

An aunt I hope to be...

Well, Ryatt and Jo are having a baby girl. I want to smile, to be happy and to go baby shopping...but I had to find out from my mom. Ryatt didn't answer his phone this morning when I (sigh) tried to call him again. I MISS MY BABY BROTHER so damn bad it hurts. I want to be an aunt...doesn't he miss being an uncle? Her name will be Nora Grace...a baby I may never know... I have tried so hard to move on, and hope beyond hope he decides to come back into our lives... it is not just about the baby. I miss my best friend...Ryatt was the one person I could turn to...I MISS YOU RYATT. Maybe I am a lame ass for wanting my baby brother in my life, oh well... I would do damn near anything for Jo to "like" me enough to let me be the aunt I want to be. I had never gone even a week without talking to Ryatt, now it has been about 3 months...ouch.
Congrats on finding out it is a girl...I sure hope I get to be apart of her life, and your lives...I miss having my family together.

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