Wednesday, August 14, 2013

keepin' busy

We have been very busy!

Thursday, I had an appointment in reedsburg, so my mom met us to help with the kids. We went and did a little shopping after and I got some more school supplies. I picked up 2 carts to organize the schoolwork...hopefully they make my life easier!
2 new carts

Friday, we drove all the way to la cross for my allergy appointment (I am sneezing as i type!) I tested very allergic to quite a lot! Everything outside messes up my allergies. I started drops, and am still not taking anything for my symptoms. I was so proud, we left the house on time! We met mom at Myrick Park at 11, just as planned...we had a great time at the park and my appt went great!

My allergy drops

After the allergy appointment, we went to Kohls and I got Syvannah and Khia's birthday gifts. Khia is in Mississippi for her actual birthday, but we will celebrate later! I also got Zariah a pair of shoes for soccer, she is in a 3! I picked up Torrin's first pair of shoes too, I will give him them for his birthday!

After a long fun day, my kids and I left la crosse and headed for viroqua to get montanna's birthday gift and do some shopping. The coop was overwhelming to say the least! I did not do well getting the things on  my list, and as we were leaving, Zarina spilled beans everywhere!

Stopped by Hardware store, hoping for chicken feed and shavings,  feed was $8 more than I was willing to pay...we headed towards home.

Got to town, loaded up my cart at Burnstad's...went to checkout to ask for my bulk peaches and box of chips...and all hell broke loose! Checker made a mistake, lady in charge grew horns, I left in a huff...came back...tears were shed...I will be posting my letter to the company now.

I do not even know how to word this. I am a frequent shopper at the R.C Burnstad's,  and I spend a lot of money there.  My family buys gluten free and organic, so my trips are expensive. Tonight, I stopped I  to pick up my organic peaches I order ($80 worth) and organic chips ($20) worth that the grocery and produce managers were so kind to order for me, along with $65 in other items. At the checkout, the checkers were working together trying to find my orders, and Christian tried to help Zander by entering the price of the peaches he had just retrieved from the back, only he accidently hit $80 cash Instead of hitting $80 produce to add the fruit...this was a simple mistake, I laughed, said thanks for the free groceries, the  smiled and said just kidding I  am an honest person, and tried to make light of the situation because the kid looked scared. Then I offered to get my checkbook from my truck and write a check for the $65 odd dollars of the order (since the register said he owed me money when I had not paid anything yet.) The lady in charge got all flustered and attacked me for "not understanding". Excuse me, but I was trying to help make the books easier to balance and did not appreciate her telling me to be quiet and saying I do not know what I am doing. I have had several retail jobs, and cash and checks always balance out, me writing a check would have made their lives easier than having no cash in the drawer and having to redo the whole transaction. After jumping down my throat she told me to do it her way, because she has to clean up the mess. I was shaking at this point and wanted to get out. So, she had me slide my card for the first $65 then she had me slide again for the $100, (which she will have to fix or the register will say there is $65 more than there will be since she would not let me get my checkbook!) and was horrible to deal with. I left the store, and was so upset I came back I and asked for a full refund. She looked at me like I grew a 2nd head, so I said I want a full refund or I'd contact the owner. She took me to the guest courtesy counter and apologized,  which only happened because I threatened to report her.( I realize it was frustrating that the kid messed up, but accidents happen and it isn't like he rang up the groceries for free and said leave. ) She told me she has trouble seeing because she has cancer ( which I did not need to know, her attitude had nothing to do with her eyes, and throwing the cancer card just made me feel like crap), and that she would pay for $80 of my groceries with her own money to fix the problem. As much as I would love to get free groceries, I am not taking $80 from a stranger with cancer, seriously, I am not a bad person...I just do not appreciate being made to feel stupid and being disrespected. My 7, 5 and almost 1 year olds were with me for this trip, so they got to see their mama so pissed off she was crying. I order bulk from Burnstad's all the time, and love buying there because I know that it is a WI store...I am hurt, and honestly do not know if I can show my face in there again, not after being told to shut my mouth so she could do her job, because I wouldn't understand...oh, I never got the refund, she wouldn't take my groceries back, and I didn't want money from her. (Which may have been the plan with her telling me about her cancer. I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy, and I am sorry she is sick, but if she can't keep her cool, then she shouldn't be there working.)

The next morning, I woke to an email from the owner and the store manager...they are sorry. I am not sure what me writing them accomplished....but I was humiliated and treated horribly in front of my children and strangers. The icing on the cake, the peaches, though they have good flavor are not the same ones I got before, they are horrible for canning!  Thepits would not separate from the flesh! Needless to say, my chickens and children were happy to clean the pits for us, atleast nothing wwent to waste!

Saturday, was Butcher day.  Bye bye meat birds! Thank you for giving your life for us to eat! Next time, I'd like to raise a heritage breed of chickens. They are smaller, but I think a more humane way to get food. Plus, it is made to survive, they actually walk and forage! We cooked one bird up, and wow oh wow! It tasted amazing! Had to have been the juciest bird I've ever eaten! There was a lot of meat on it too!  While the guys butchered, we went to a birthday party. My house is a bit of a disaster area since we were gone 3 days in a row! Saturday night we attempted to can peaches, 3 cans later WE QUIT! They drove us nuts trying to pit them! We did can some more dilly beans and attempted 1 jar of salsa (it didn't work...didn't seal up...we have eaten most of it already!)

Some of our canned stuff...peaches, dilly beans, and pickles

i got a call about my allergy testing. I am very allergic to eggs, and milk...I am sort of allergic to soy,  not enough to cut it out, but only have on occasion...and I reacted to non organic corn I.e. high fructose corn syrup (goodbye biweekly coke...)  doc explained that my allergies are at their worst because I am eating eggs daily (never ate eggs much before) to make up for the lack of gluten in my diet. Being exposed to so much egg is causing my allergies to react violently!  I always used to get a sick feeling after eating eggs, but with cutting out so much "food" from my diet, eggs became a quick easy snack to hold me over. I eat well over a dozen eggs a weel now...I am going to starve! I do not want to rely on unhealthy snacks again, and I am a bit worried about the corn...I eat corn chips daily. We love egg salad with chips and we love love salsa! I am hoping that when he said organic corn was probably ok, he meant seems extreme to cut so much from a diet, but I want to be healthy without medication,  not simply putting a bandaid on my symptoms.

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