Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So, yesterday was our first day of school! You can follow our homeschooling journey HERE. Our weekend was crazy busy, and not very productive. We stopped by a friends house to drop off some squash and pick up some peppers and cabbage. We ended up staying later than planned, and were very tired for it. The weekend was hot, and we went to the tractor/truck pull not too far from home. When we got home we were exhausted with a mile long to do list-it did not get done! Nathan canned up some juiced tomatoes for me, but that is ALL we did. I woke up Monday to the messiest house I have ever had! We were exhausted from the weekend and did not really do one thing that is noteworthy.
Last night, it was extremely hot out, like stay in the AC kind of hot. What do I manage to do when it is blistering hot out? I do what normal people do when it is freezing cold out! I make soup! I do not do this on purpose, it just happens to happen on days when sitting in a tub of ice makes more sense than eating hot soup!
Last night, my soup was AH MAZE ING! I made cabbage tomato soup-sounds nasty-tasted amazing!
Here is what I did
-shred about 1/2 head of cabbage-amount unsure-it fit in my normal pot
-puree/juice two ninja's (this is a new sizing around here-it was 2 ninja containers FULL of tomatoes before it became juiced-it is probably close to 3 qts once juiced-depends on how big of a blender you use and how full you pack the tomatoes into it)
-toss in some diced tomatoes with onion and garlic-can also put the garlic in the blender if wanted
-I put this in the cooking pot, made sure I had enough liquid that the shredded cabbage was not going to burn before it cooked down and covered
-meanwhile, cook 1 # hamburger with salt, pepper, an onion, and a green bell pepper
-add to the pot, stir, cover and bring to a boil
-after boiling point is reached, I just let it cook on low until all veggies were nice and soft

NOTE: I am thinking about fixing up some big jars and canning this. I hope to have some nice yummy soup to just open up and plop into a pot on the wood stove this winter! I am thinking of adding some sliced up carrots, leaving out the hamburger until ready to use each jar-and am playing with the idea of using sausage in place of hamburger next time!

Today is Tuesday, and Zariah is supposed to have soccer practice tonight. I am thinking soccer will get canceled because of the heat advisory. We need to get her some shin guards and socks yet!
Torrin will be 1 on Saturday and we are having his birthday party that day. It is supposed to be hot still, so I am not really sure what I want to do! I am really wishing we had a covered back deck so that I could make everyone stay out of my house. My house is a mess and needs to be worked on. House work takes money, and I do not have much extra of that right now!

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