Tuesday, September 17, 2013

dealing with it?

So, I am thinking I should just stay off of other people's blogs! I always leave feeling discouraged and like I am not good enough. A smart person who enjoys feeling good about herself would just STOP. The problem, I like the inspiration and the ideas. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy feeling like a failure.

We did "ok" for our first garden. I do however, feel as though I could have, should have-done a LOT more!
I feel like a lazy cat-just sitting here-accomplishing nothing. I have to remind myself-I am NOT WW (Wonder Woman). I am simply "Tamika/mom" during the day.
I am sitting here, after attempting to start my first fire of the season (notice I said attempt-not accomplish), while my persistent one year old tugged at my shirt. The baby boy won, the fire was a fail.                              
Man are my toes cold!

The big kids sit at the table finishing up their school day. I believe Zarina is done, Zariah is reading. They pretty much got the hang of this school stuff. At times, they complain about their work load-I gently remind them how little they actually have to do-and how our school day does not even start until 930-10 a.m. most day.

There are so many things I would like to do for my home, for my family.
-Learn to make felt food/animals----need to buy felt first...
-let Zariah learn to sew.....
-go to Peck's and spend the day playing and having fun
-have a clean house (without having to clean it...)
-have my basement access and bedroom done-or atleast safe and buttoned up
-have my kitchen/dining room feel inviting and not show4 different kinds of walls and be a cluttered mess

I would have loved to have canned a bunch of tomatoes and other garden items-but time and children kind of took the lead. I know I have been a good mother in not ignoring my baby boy-but it is very discouraging to know I did not accomplish what I had set out to do!

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