Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gluten free does not mean OK

Ok, so I feel like there is a bit of confusion among some family and friends. JUST because something says "GLUTEN FREE" or "DAIRY FREE" does NOT mean it is something I would feed to my kids! YES gf/df is important, but there are other requirements! It would be great if it was ORGANIC. I am not saying organic just because of organic-but organic also means no food dyes or crazy preservatives! I know organic is more expensive-but my kids are worth it!
From time to time we will splurge and buy a treat-Immaculate cookies comes to mind-they are gf/df, and made with REAL ingredients-though they are NOT organic. These are ok from TIME TO TIME. We do not eat premade foods on a regular basis, I make our food! (I do purchase a very large amount of organic peanut butter...)

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