Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Autumn!!

So, I did not post in my earlier post that TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!!!

I am so excited for Fall! We did our normal Sunday stuff this morning, we started with pancakes and bacon (after coffee), and then the kids did their school work. I had planned a fun "autumn" project, but the school day carried on a little too long for that.  I am hoping later this week we can work on the "project". It isn't anything crazy-just making a big tree with handprint leaves. That is the plan anyway.

I made crockpot chili today, as I had planned a day picking apples. (we did not make the cornbread as we did not even EAT until 8pm-we were too busy having fun today that we got home super late!)
We met this amazing couple (through MWT) and their invited us to their home to pick apples. These are heirloom apple trees-the kinds that have been around forever.



Torrin was helping, by throwing our apples on the ground!
                                                              Checking out the cows

                                                               Heavy box of apples!
                                       Zariah and Zarina helping get their apples to the truck!

What better way could we have spent a beautiful fall day other than picking apples? This mini farm with a bunch of apples trees was so peaceful and inviting. It was absolutely beautiful! Janine (I hope I spelled that right) was the lady, and her garden was so pretty.  There were flowers all over, their yard was pretty. The trees were a good height for picking-it was just such a nice way to spend our late afternoon! Janine sent us home with some tomatoes and a few raspberries as well!
The kids ate the raspberries while we waited in Baraboo for our new kitty!

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