Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor day chills

So, I do not remember what on earth my last post was! I should probably check it, but I won't! I am sitting here on the couch with a sleeping babe at my breast, trying to not squirm and wake him... I have to pee! My coffee ALWAYS kicks in once this child falls asleep. I just finished up my blogging about school. I am sure I missed something. I had hoped to be better at keeping track through blogging. Anyway, we have been busy!

Last Wednesday night, I took Torrin to the ER-it was stupid, but I was scared. I was worried he may have had some dangerous fruit as his eye was not staying open (only one eye). He had a fever (which I had assumed was teeth or virus his sister had the Friday before). The eye, well, it scared me. So, in we went. They were just going to let me leave after examining him as he was not constipated (opposite actually-darn teeth have him pooping like crazy-I am always out of diaper covers!) They wanted to admit him because of the eye, I left and headed home at like 1am??

The next day, eye still lagged at night-we have been watching him closely. A little background here, Nathan had a lazy eye-it was worse when he was tired. Torrin seems to only have "eye problems" when he is tired...crap. Good, that it wasn't/doesn't seem to be anything serious...bad in that I don't want to have anything corrected. I will watch my little man, and take him to the Doc on Friday for his 1 year check-up--where they want me to start him with shots and I am so torn on what to do!!

Torrin turned 1 Saturday!! (I KNOW I KNOW, I should have posted over the weekend) The party went well, we enjoyed family time, had some fun with the smash cake, and then I got sick! Not just me, nope-Zarina too!! We had only my mom, brother, and step-dad here-and Zarina and I both spiked a fever and got the chills! I had made homemade coleslaw and everything and couldn't eat a bite, I felt like crap! It took me until Monday to be better. JUST IN TIME...for Nathan to get sick! He had off Monday for Labor day, and called in Tuesday because he still had body aches, fever and chills. The WHOLE family got it this time. (Nathan had taken off Thurs. and Friday last week because of Torrin's ER visit and everyone getting sick...we thought everyone was fine or we wouldn't have had the party!)

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