Monday, September 23, 2013

Let the fun begin...

So, today we are very busy! The kids had a short school day (math, reading,writing-the basics without much "fluff") I have a 5 gallon pail of pears that need attention NOW. We are freezing and contemplating starting a fire. Torrin is grumpy (and hitting me right now), and the cat won't come out of hiding to get his picture taken.

*My plan for today is to cut up the pears and get them started cooking down -I  am thinking pear sauce??

*Get a loaf of oat bread started

*Get the bananas on the dehydrator and the rest in the freezer

*Get some apple butter started in the crock pot

We have gymnastics tonight so hopefully everything but the apple butter are done by 4 or I am screwed!  The crock pot can wait until tonight since it will cook over night!

5 gallon bucket of pears
some of the pears soaking in a vinegar water solution-not sure if necessary or even bad-but seemed like a good idea!

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