Monday, September 16, 2013


So, it is getting cold out! I am so excited!! Last night the hubby started a small fire just to try out the new wood stove. We are not sure if we want to keep that stove or buy a smaller one like what we have in the main room. It was so nice that the bathroom and end room stayed warm. I cannot wait to get my clothes rack out in the mud room so I can dry clothes all winter long! I know we are supposed to have some warmer days again soon, but it sure was nice to get a taste of fall weather.

We ate some of our homegrown cantaloupe! There were two that were rotten, which is a huge bummer, but the ones we ate were really yummy. The pumpkins are getting huge, and starting to turn orange!

This past weekend we had a rummage sale at the in-laws. I sold a ton of kids clothes! I didn't make a ton, and I actually split all the money 4 ways with the kids and myself.

Tonight, Monday, the girls started gymnastics again. I was nervous they would be out of practice and not as flexible. They did GREAT! They had so much fun. I paid for gymnastics in full, which sucks because I need to pay off Nathan's credit card he used, but I hate having to worry about paying gymnastics!

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