Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We will get by just fine

So, we have been pretty busy with life!

This past weekend Zariah and I alone, cut up enough apples for 2 pies and 35 quarts of applesauce. I canned it all by myself too! The apples are organic. I bought three bushels at Whitaker market. We made some very delicious apple pie and shared one with the neighbors.

Zariah had her last soccer game of the season. They tied the game, and they played hard!

Last week, we did a clay craft. We took a fall leaf, rolled it into some clay and put it in a bowl to dry. Once dried, we painted pretty fall colors, then spray painted them with gold. They turned out ok, it was fun to make them and that is what matters. Someone broke mine today...kind of sad.

Today, we did not do "official" school stuff. Instead, we did fun fall stuff. We carved pumpkins, roasted some seeds, made caramel apples and just enjoyed our day. We have a new family favorite! Roasted pumpkin seeds with a little EVOO, maple syrup, salt and a tiny amount of sugar. They taste a lot like caramel corn!!

Some of this will be repetitive on our school page.

We are trying to enjoy the last of fall, and each other as a family.

Days can be long, and hard, but we love each other.

Extended family and "friends" can put a damper in our day/moods.

My goal is to not let how others treat us effect how we treat each other!

I love my kids, they are my world! Everything I do is in their best interest.

People get so hung up on what my children eat or what they do for fun...and in all honesty, it is nobody's business. If you care to know, check out our pages, or ask...if you are going to criticize our life, stay out of it please.  My kids are very healthy and happy. They do not need McDonald's "food", they do not need "traditional" holiday foods either. They need love and nutrition. Food is our bodies fuel. What you put into your body effects your body in every way. SURE, we love treats, and I make "safe" organic, gluten and dairy free treats for my children, but do not undermine me as a mother because of what I will not feed my children.

I know as a mom, I am doing a damn good job!  I do have my days (don't we all?!)

All I need from you is support. I should not feel isolated or alone...friends and family should accept me (and my children) for who we are. What we wear, eat, do-does not directly effect you in a negative way, heck, it may help you. Who is harmed by eating an organic apple, really??

Friday, October 18, 2013

ummm brrrr

So, it is cold outside! Like, so cold my kids do not want to go outside! It isn't even winter yet!! I think once the ground has snow-the cold will not be so bad! Right now, they complain when I ask them to help me gather up the last of the squash and tear down the garden. Those things are not "fun" so of course it is too cold out!

I am still hoping to get one more apple picking in before the season is done. I had wanted to go this week, but do not know if I have it in me to go alone with the kids. Who would carry all the apples? We do love applesauce...I NEED to go! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE apple pie-man I need to go! Hopefully, when Nathan is home we can go as a family again.

It is about 9p.m. and I should be in bed, but I just stoked the fire up nice and warm (it is 79 in here), finally got the chill off, and I am going to enjoy a cup of tea I think. I should read, but I cannot afford to be up all night! Zariah has soccer tomorrow and we have to be up early!  I really am hoping I am not too tired after the game as I would like to do something fun with the kids...will post tomorrow on what comes of our day!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Family, Friends, Neighbors, Strangers-and Whomever else wants to know...

This post MAY not be nice. It may contain things that are rude, mean and maybe not suited for all eyeballs...sorry in advance!

Dear Family, Friends, Neighbors, Strangers and whomever else wants to know:

    This is my family. This is my home (almost-still paying for it). We will do things the way WE decide. No need for your input! If you do not like it, keep your mouth shut. You (family) have had your chance at raising YOUR family, now it is my turn. You made your mistakes, MY TURN. You (friends) who do not agree with my methods, practice your ways on your kids and I will do things my way with mine.

    I am going to nurse this little boy until he and I are done-none of your business if that is today, tomorrow, or when he is 4-same goes with bed sharing. DO NOT EVEN THINK of asking me how Nathan feels about it-or if Nathan gets enough "alone" time with me....Quickie in the garage-my man is FINE-and you did NOT need to know that anyway!

    These kids ARE going to STAY homeschooled- this was not a test to see if I could do it. It is how it is going to be! They will be home with me, daily...LEARNING. Some days, we may not do a darn thing "on paper" but they are always learning! Do not try to quiz my kids on what they did that day-it is none of your business. If the school district is not allowed to, neither are you! My kids, my "school".

    Do not even try to convince my children that they do not get to do enough. Right now, I go to town 2 days a week for soccer and once a week for gymnastics. Neither one of these activities are "needed" and they are very expensive. They make my kids happy, so we are doing them for now. Everyone needs out of the house from time to time!

   Do not think it is ok to ask my kids all the time if they miss (a person from school, a food we no longer eat, new clothes all the time), ALSO-do not ask them why they are wearing the same thing they wore the last time you saw them-they have PLENTY of clothing, they also have FAVORITE things they chose to wear over, and over, and over...
    (This is where it MIGHT get mean...) ANYONE with a brain in their head, that learns something they did not know before, will dig, research and LEARN MORE-I would hope. That is what has happened in this home. We cut out gluten and dairy for Torrin, and quickly learned it helped me (Tamika), which progressed (again-as I did this in the past but did not stick with it) to organic foods, and changing the meal plan for everyone. I am not a short order cook, I will not make separate meals for everyone. In cutting out BAD things ( I will not call them food) from everyone's diets, we learned that we ALL benefited from it! When you start cutting out gluten, you realize it is in EVERYTHING-that comes in a box! I can make hundreds of yummy meals/snacks/treats at home, with clean ingredients without gluten, without dairy, and without artificial SHIT.  I regret that my older kids (6 and 7) did not experience REAL food EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. I am sorry to them more than I can ever express, but better late than never!
    You may or may not know this about me (my family). We have a history of health problems, like a really long list! Diabetes being one of the big ones! Luckily for me, obesity is not an issue on my mothers side, but the women on my birth dads side do tend to get heavy (not obese though). Unfortunately for my children, my husbands family has a list of health issues as well. Being obese is one of them. Diabetes is another, along with being at risk for heart issues... As a GOOD mother, I am taking precautions that do not include medication! I have them eating healthy FOOD, like REAL food. Did you know that depression can be kept in check with FOOD?? YUP! Did you know that diabetes can be?? Well, I hope you know that because it is kind of a given-lots of bad sugars and food equal bad sugars in your blood...duh.
    The problem I have with the holidays, get togethers and all that stuff is FOOD (and gifts). People are OBSESSED with food. FOOD, the thing that is to give you energy to survive, the thing that is supposed to nourish you, the place you should be getting your vitamins from (not the pill bottle like many people seem to think...) I am going to scream if I hear "Can you have this?" or "Oh, you can't eat that." ONE MORE TIME. Seriously, I am choosing to feed my family (and myself) FOOD, REAL FOOD. Read that label-can you read every ingredient in it? Do you even KNOW what some of them are?? NO, I will not be feeding my growing children (or myself) that junk, it is not food. Would you like a organic banana? How about a homemade granola and applesauce parfait?
I have not taken this nearly as far as I would like to honestly, and you are freaking out now! I do not want my kids eating refined sugars, but it is something we have not 100% cut out of our diets. It is something I have hopes of doing when we have access to maple syrup without paying out the nose for it!

Where did this post come from?? A phone call this morning from my mother-in-law. I stayed NICE, I stayed pretty damn calm...A LOT of people think I am outspoken, rude, and many other lovely names I will not post. What people do not realize, is that I have come a LONG DAMN WAYS. I do think before I speak (95% of the time). I keep a lot of what I am thinking in my head even when you have my blood boiling. What I am learning, is that this is bad. I do need to say what is on my mind, to get you to shut the hell up.

So, here it goes!

These are MY KIDS!

When you get yourself in shape and healthy, talk to me about nutrition.

When you get yourself off of medication for pain, blood pressure and all that stuff-have a talk with me about my medicinal choices.

NATHAN and I made the decision that our children do not need to be spending the night at other homes, they can hang out and play for a bit-but there is NO reason (unless emergency) that they need to sleep at your home. NONE.

I will protect these children until my very last breath-if you think you can corner me or attack how I am raising them when I know I am doing a damn good job-you are going to get attacked right back and it will not be pretty. So come on, say it to my face, bring it on-MY KIDS ARE MY WORLD- you do not criticize my children or how we do things here without saying there is something WRONG with my kids-my kids are just fine thank you very much (that is an edit from a much meaner version)

The quickest way OUT of the lives of these three (maybe four) children is to attack their mother-not a smart move. I brought them into this world-I will take you out of their world.
I am not perfect, I know this-I do not need reminders-take a look in the mirror...not so pretty!

What kind of a mother would I be if I learned all this stuff about foods, soaps, and whatnot and did not make changes? Seriously, if you LOVE these kids, show it. Not by buying them junk food or plastic crap, but by being present! Not buying presents! Go for a walk with them in the woods, read a book, play a game, craft with them-they LOVE THAT STUFF!

I am about done with this, my blood is still boiling.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself not getting enough "alone" time with my kids-they are my kids-not yours. Make your time with them special, by making memories, not running up your credit cards and teaching them to be spoiled brats with major debt.

Stop attacking my ways of doing things, or say good-bye forever. This is not an empty threat-I am just exhausted from these stupid feuds. I am just plain done.

If you can not accommodate us with food when we visit-that is fine, 9 times out of 10-I have food with me, I only leave it home if you say you are making food that I am comfortable feeding my children.

Treats are one thing-but they do need to not be complete and total shit-saying it is ok once in a while is total crap, are you saying having heroin once a month is ok??

BUY SOME ORGANIC APPLES and make some HOMEMADE caramel-my kids will be SO happy.

Caramel Corn
recipe for caramel corn-remember no butter! USE NON GMO corn-make sure organic-this IS important-conventional sprayed corn is a BIG NO NO!

Caramel Apples½ C honey
½ C maple syrup
½ tsp baking soda
Click on above link to Caramel Apples for directions! Do not forget to use ORGANIC APPLES

Another good read about Money and Mentality

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reaching out...shot down

So, I feel like I do a lot of reaching out...reaching out of my comfort zone for my children and myself. I go out of my way to try and meet new people, or even have conversations with people I have met for my children. My kids LOVE having friends. (don't we all?) However, my kids think anyone they meet one time is going to be their life long friend. I know this is not the truth, and I try to show them that real friends will com around. (Hopefully) I keep my kids in activities that have lots of people. Examples being soccer and gymnastics. I do not want to keep my kids in a protective bubble and have them not know how to act around other people. I want my children to have friendships outside of our home.  I really do not know what I am doing wrong. I know I am not perfect...

I try my best not to swear around new people, or peoples kids-I am human...it happens...I am sorry.

I will try my best not to flash you or your child, or your husband...but I am nursing a 13 month old...it happens...I am sorry you saw something you do not want to see...but I am not sorry for taking care of my child.

I try to be open minded and not voice too many of my opinions, or make you feel bad about your choices or opinions...I have a voice...I say things that may not be nice from time to time...sorry?

I also try to push my comfort level because I am HUMAN, and I would like to have a couple friends as well. I just do not want to be "needy". I am a caring person who likes keeping in touch with a few people, I do not enjoy being ignored, or only have people talk to me when they feel like it.

I know there is NOTHING wrong with me as a person, I am a great friend-I will not continue to be a great friend to those who do not see fit to keep me as a part of their life.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

happy birthday zarina

                                                10/02/07 5:40 p.m. Zarina Lyn- 5# 6oz
                                                 She has always been so teeny tiny...

Happy birthday teeny Za-reee-neee!
We got her a fancy new winter coat and some pink and purple animal printed Vans.
She doesn't know it, but I am taking her to see Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs 2 for her surprise gift!
My baby girl is 6!
                                                                   New coat
New shoes (in her hand, ignore the mess-torrin was playing with clothes)
Trip down memory lane:

I was going to post a first pic of myself (mama) with my new bundle of joy-I am topless in all of them and would prefer not to show pictures of me just after giving birth...I was happy-I still cannot believe it has been 6 years! I remember every second of that day like it was yesterday...(I am trying not to cry...)