Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reaching out...shot down

So, I feel like I do a lot of reaching out...reaching out of my comfort zone for my children and myself. I go out of my way to try and meet new people, or even have conversations with people I have met for my children. My kids LOVE having friends. (don't we all?) However, my kids think anyone they meet one time is going to be their life long friend. I know this is not the truth, and I try to show them that real friends will com around. (Hopefully) I keep my kids in activities that have lots of people. Examples being soccer and gymnastics. I do not want to keep my kids in a protective bubble and have them not know how to act around other people. I want my children to have friendships outside of our home.  I really do not know what I am doing wrong. I know I am not perfect...

I try my best not to swear around new people, or peoples kids-I am happens...I am sorry.

I will try my best not to flash you or your child, or your husband...but I am nursing a 13 month happens...I am sorry you saw something you do not want to see...but I am not sorry for taking care of my child.

I try to be open minded and not voice too many of my opinions, or make you feel bad about your choices or opinions...I have a voice...I say things that may not be nice from time to time...sorry?

I also try to push my comfort level because I am HUMAN, and I would like to have a couple friends as well. I just do not want to be "needy". I am a caring person who likes keeping in touch with a few people, I do not enjoy being ignored, or only have people talk to me when they feel like it.

I know there is NOTHING wrong with me as a person, I am a great friend-I will not continue to be a great friend to those who do not see fit to keep me as a part of their life.


  1. Be yourself, Tamika! I have enjoyed getting to know you just as you are! Colleen M.

  2. The best thing about you is.. YOU! I actually just logged on because I wanted to write you because I miss chatting with you! Do not let anything or anyone bring you down or make you feel otherwise! YOU are a rocking Mama and great friend !