Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We will get by just fine

So, we have been pretty busy with life!

This past weekend Zariah and I alone, cut up enough apples for 2 pies and 35 quarts of applesauce. I canned it all by myself too! The apples are organic. I bought three bushels at Whitaker market. We made some very delicious apple pie and shared one with the neighbors.

Zariah had her last soccer game of the season. They tied the game, and they played hard!

Last week, we did a clay craft. We took a fall leaf, rolled it into some clay and put it in a bowl to dry. Once dried, we painted pretty fall colors, then spray painted them with gold. They turned out ok, it was fun to make them and that is what matters. Someone broke mine today...kind of sad.

Today, we did not do "official" school stuff. Instead, we did fun fall stuff. We carved pumpkins, roasted some seeds, made caramel apples and just enjoyed our day. We have a new family favorite! Roasted pumpkin seeds with a little EVOO, maple syrup, salt and a tiny amount of sugar. They taste a lot like caramel corn!!

Some of this will be repetitive on our school page.

We are trying to enjoy the last of fall, and each other as a family.

Days can be long, and hard, but we love each other.

Extended family and "friends" can put a damper in our day/moods.

My goal is to not let how others treat us effect how we treat each other!

I love my kids, they are my world! Everything I do is in their best interest.

People get so hung up on what my children eat or what they do for fun...and in all honesty, it is nobody's business. If you care to know, check out our pages, or ask...if you are going to criticize our life, stay out of it please.  My kids are very healthy and happy. They do not need McDonald's "food", they do not need "traditional" holiday foods either. They need love and nutrition. Food is our bodies fuel. What you put into your body effects your body in every way. SURE, we love treats, and I make "safe" organic, gluten and dairy free treats for my children, but do not undermine me as a mother because of what I will not feed my children.

I know as a mom, I am doing a damn good job!  I do have my days (don't we all?!)

All I need from you is support. I should not feel isolated or alone...friends and family should accept me (and my children) for who we are. What we wear, eat, do-does not directly effect you in a negative way, heck, it may help you. Who is harmed by eating an organic apple, really??

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