Monday, November 18, 2013

Busy busy

So, things around here have been super busy! 

I already posted my "eggs" and Christmas felt items I made. Well, the felt stuff is our gift to the kids this year, so I have been working on it every chance I get! I have a long long ways to go! I made some pancakes, strawberries, syrup, tomatoes and noodles now as well! I attempted some lettuce, but I do not like it. I still need to get my hands on an entertainment center so I can make the kitchen set. I think I have one lined up, but the person I am hoping to get it from seems to be having a difficult time getting a picture.... I am kind of scared, because I am really trying to keep Christmas simple, and to show my kids that great gifts can be made inexpensively and loaded with love! I hope I find a stand soon!! I am very passionate about giving my children a great Christmas they will never forget! I have been making the food in front of them actually, and they keep asking why I won't let them play with it. I have not really lied, simply said it is not for them to play with. 
Penne noodles
(Gluten free!)

Pancakes with syrup. 
I still need to sew the syrup together and make more.
I made 9 pancakes!

Nathan helped cut out the strawberry tops!
We made 10 strawberries.
Still working on the bow tie pasta

I made a variety if tomatoes. Still waiting for the glue to try and I will take out the pins!

I am teaching myself to crochet. I had kind of learned awhile ago, but I am venturing out and trying more. I made a cowl scarf with a wool blend yarn and I love it! 

I was also working on my blanket I started a long time ago...I have set it down again...I really do not know what I am doing! 

 Right now, I am working on a purple cowl scarf. It is looking nice as well! I am making it a bit bigger than the other one as it is not a wool blend. 

This weekend, we got a new car! Nathan needed a new daily driver, his car is not worth sticking more money into! We got a 2013 dodge dart. It is a 6 speed manual...which means I have not driven it yet...
It gets really good gas mileage, but it does take premium...

We took it to Tomah to visit my mom. We all fit in it quite well! I took supplies to make an apple pie at moms house, it turned out ok, but the apples should have cooked longer. 

Saturday, Nathan took the big kids to swimming lessons while I went shopping with his mom. We stopped at shopko first, I stocked up on some clearance yarn. I am hoping to make some pretty scarfs. 

We also went to the fabric store and the outlet mall. I was able to pick up some more felt and some of the supplies to make the kitchen set for the kids. 
New yarn and the "oven racks" for the kitchen set we are planning!

Is also picked some other kitchen items up. I got an owl kitchen timer, a colander (that I think I am going to take back since it is plastic and the mall had a nice metal one!) and some other items. I will post pictures later as I don't want the kids to see them! 

Meal plan: about a month or so ago, I got "uncured, nitrate free BACON" at the Madison coop. Well, yesterday we opened it and noticed it is not we sliced it. We tried to fry it up and it is not bacon, but rather a fatty pork steak. So, we set it aside and made some bacon that we know is bacon.
What to do with fatty pork steak that is not bacon? I am making pork and beans...I think!

To start off, I froze my hands off in the garden digging up a couple big, organic, beautifully imperfect carrots! Peel and chop carrots, peel and chop 2 medium organic onions, sauté in olive oil.

While those are softening up,(stir often) I cut up the pork and tossed it in.

I had an overfull jar of turkey broth in the freezer that I semi unthawed and added that in next

More than a qt of turkey broth

Turkey broth added, chunks of frozen broth floating...

I am not good at measuring, but I added probably 4 cups of water and 3 cups of white navy beans. I eyeballed it to make sure that the beans could expand enough. 

I tossed in about a cup give or take some of chopped up spinach

I took a pic after throwing some of it in!

Then tossed in some ground black better and some oregano 
It looks pretty! I can smell the garlic!
Bring to boil for like 5 minutes
Cover and simmer...low
I checked it 2 hrs later
Beans are softening up! 
I am leaving it alone for now and will see what it turns into!

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