Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feeling rustic!

I have been meaning to post for a few days now, and then just getting around to doing so now. nathan  and his dad went squirrel hunting Sunday, and he shot four squirrels! At first glance, we thought they were quite small and that we would need to freeze them and save them until we got more. I ended up needing a quick meal plan, so I boiled the squirrels down for quite some time and picked the meat off the bone, reserving the broth for making rice. It ended up being pretty good! We added some peas to the rice and mixed it all together!

A neighbor friend shot us a deer! We spent a good bit of time Tuesday night grinding up over 20 1.5-2 pound packages. Monday night was Nathan's late night at work, he came home, ate, and headed over to process the deer. It was a late night, but with the help of the friend and his dad, it didn't take too long. Tuesday morning the kids and I hate steak and eggs, they were soooo happy! It was such a simple, yummy breakfast!

Tonight, we are planning on packaging up the rest of the deer.

I am thinking of stopping at the coop to get some cherry tomatoes and black olives to make a cold gf noodle salad. We have not had noodles in awhile, and it is hard to plan meals when I will be gone all day. I think it would taste good with some venison loin steak!

Yesterday, we had baked beans in the crock pot with bacon and venison, it was a gymnastics night so we needed a meal that would be hot when we got home.

I made another apple pie on Tuesday, it was completely gone mid day Wednesday. I have also been trying to mix up and free enough apple pie filling. We are trying to get an idea of how much filling we need. I am thinking 2 pies a month, Nathan and the girls say one a week!

Things are going pretty well here. House is well lived in, could use a maid... Belly's are filling with halfway decent foods. (The pie was an exception, but they were organic apples and sugar!) my kids are playing, and learning... Life is pretty good!

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