Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sicky Icky

We have some nasty bugs running through our home. On top of that, a teething toddler! Torrin has not been sleeping at night at all, which is saying something since he has yet to sleep through the night! I am used to being woken up 2-3 times a night by a rooting, upside down/sideways child-but this teething, not feeling well child screams! His poor nose runs like a fountain, and I am pretty sure he has a mild ear infection. I hit one ear with breast-milk this morning (man did that tick him off), and will do the other ear when he dozes off again.
Zariah started all of this! It is always her! She had a fever of 102.7 Sunday. She was achy and just out of it. I knew she was not faking it! Monday, she was sluggish, but managed the day just fine. Tuesday, she claimed she did not feel well again (she looked iffy for a few hrs but then looked like a big faker!)
Yesterday, I went and looked at our new car. It looks nice...I won't really know until I get to ride in it...still not sure if I will drive it (attempt to drive it). It is a 6 speed manual. I CAN drive a stick when I NEED to, but I get stage fright when people watch me,(thanks for that mother...)
I do not want a car loan again, but we do not really have a choice. Nathan's bug (VW Beetle) is falling apart at the seams. You cannot open the door all the way or it pops off, it eats tires, it is burning oil and making funny noises (Not funny HAHA-funny = weird...) it is just a money pit! Hopefully, he gets us enough venison in the freezer so we can manage, the only place to trim our budget is food (AHHHH).

I am realizing that I am socially awkward! I feel like an idiot! A week or so ago, I had a mom at gymnastics introduce herself to me and offer to help with driving. She was so kind...I didn't even tell her my name! I felt weird, I am not used to being put on the spot...I am feeling rude and stupid. So, the next week, I had every intention of saying "Thank you for being kind, by the way, I am Tamika..." but she looked distracted, so all I managed was "Hi, how are you" AFTER she asked me how I was...CRAP!!! Similarly, two days after the first incident, I saw someone I KNEW at gymnastics, but she didn't recognize I said NOTHING until my husband showed up to save the day. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

OH, so last night, I got a bug up my butt and logged onto YouTube to learn to make a cowl scarf!! It turned out great-other than I used a 9mm hook instead of it needed some stretching. I really like it. I want to make my Christmas gifts this year, but being self taught (all the wrong ways) to crochet, I don't want to waste money on the stuff if nobody will like them. I am not sure anyone would wear what I made. We are not a "trendy" group of people around here. I LIKE IT! I am sure my mom will call me a hippie when she sees it-and I don't care-I love it! Right now, I am working on my blanket I started 4 years sat and sat...I took out 6 rows because I realized I majorly messed it up...I "made up" a stitch and have no clue if it is a proper stitch or not...again SELF TAUGHT (before I knew YouTube could teach a monkey to do things). 
Earlier in the week, I started working on the children's gifts for Christmas. I am making felt food for them! I am not even hiding it-it is too big of a project to hide and make them. Instead, I told the kids I am exploring my talents, or lack there of... and that I find it therapeutic-which is NOT A LIE!!!
                                                my felt eggs-they look better in person!

I made a felt snowman and a Christmas tree for Torrin (the girls like them...) I am hoping he messes with them instead of my REAL tree when it is time to decorate them!
                                This is what it looked like yesterday-I am a little farther now

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