Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick thoughts on kids being kids

I was on Pinterest-and I came across an article that just STOOD out to me. Here it is. It talks about school time vs play time, play time vs structured time, and basically just how kids nowadays are not allowed to just BE kids.

The timing of me finding this article is PERFECT, as I have JUST come to terms with the fact that my kids may play ALLLLL day long-and that is totally OK.

Right now, we are on a journey. We are embracing unschooling, and just being.

I have watched my kids blossom into the most creative and caring people.

They are learning (again) how to play, how to explore, how to be children.  It is kind of awesome.

Tonight, while I was fixing dinner...before the hubs got home-I turned on Pandora (music). We have it set to a "kids" channel, as I got sick of changing the station every time a not so kid friendly song came on over the holiday season. Anyway, we jammed. We danced like crazy people...we had a blast! ALL 4 of us danced around like crazies...I felt so loved and full of love it is insane. I know I looked stupid-with my big dumb smile stuck on my face. How could I not smile, my kids were totally letting lose, it was AWESOME! Even Torrin jammed out, he would start to yell when the song ended, he didn't want the fun to stop! It was a good night! (until we ate and realized I over seasoned the meatloaf, and over did it on the garlic for the potato salad...OOP-I am not perfect lol)

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