Thursday, January 16, 2014

squeaky clean??

I do not buy chemicals. none.nope...nada! I am not saying we have NO chemicals-some stuff has made its way into our home (not by my hands) and needs to make an exit!

I am in no way shape or form-a clean freak. I used to obsess over clean-but in all honesty, when we mop the floor-people FALL. A little traction is needed! *HA*

I do like to have some decent soap on hand-real soap. Safe soap-no bad chemical stuff.

Finding a decent laundry detergent that is free of all that gunk (and doesn't cost a small fortune...) is REALLY hard! Finding a decent dish washing detergent that does its job is HARDER! I am hoping what I found works! I will let ya know later!!

So, today I made some liquid castile soap. I cannot take all the credit-all I did was grate up a bar of castile and mix it into 10 cups of water. I am hoping it works well for some other things, I know I saved a ton of money! 1 bar is about $1 and it made 1/2 gallon+ 1 pint of liquid soap.

I am hoping to use the liquid soap for hand washing, dish washing detergent, and maybe even shampoo! (have to see how it looks tomorrow!)

This morning, the girls and I grated up a bar of castile and mixed up the things needed to make laundry detergent. I have been using soap nuts for about a year, and I just do not feel like things are getting very clean any longer.  Hopefully, the soap will set up nicely and clean our clothes! I did not add any scents or anything to this batch, figured I would see how it did first!
My helper!

 I have read other pages where people complain about grating up the soap-so they choose to buy liquid. It seriously takes a few minutes, and the kids are happy to help!
I forgot the pictures of when it was on the stove, with me adding water, borax, and washing soda...oops-you get the idea!

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