Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vitacost baby!

So, I almost forgot to share this.

I make a lot of my healthy purchases online. Eating gluten and dairy free can get expensive. We have learned to eat more REAL food, but still like pancakes from time to time. Buying flour to MAKE pancakes gets expensive...and there are days I am simply too lazy to grind up a decent mix. (you cannot just sub oat or rice flour for normal flour in gf baking if you didn't know...) SOOO anyway, I was buying a LOT of stuff on amazon. Amazon has GREAT prices on bulk items, but you are stuck buying like 3-6 of everything to get that great per item price.

I found vitacost awhile back. I did not know how great they were until recently! I am able to buy 1 or 2 of everything I need and still get it shipped for free. (with $49 order). I get more of a variety for my money. So, I can get 2 of several things, instead of 6 of one thing. I like stocking up, but it sucks when I need EVERYTHING at the same time.

If you want to check out vitacost- click on my link, sign up for the referral program and get $10 for your first purchase over $30! The great thing is that I get a coupon too!! Refer more friends, and you get $10 for each friend that signs up and orders!

If you want to help out even more-sign yourself up-then come back here and click on my U-Promise link. It is free-nothing to worry about-and you help my kids earn money for college! It is a slow savings plan, but my kids get 5% from Vitacost for every order that is placed through the link!

It honestly sounds way more confusing than it is! Many online companies donate through Upromise, so check and see next time you place an order! (Target, Wal-mart, vitacost, LOTS OF big stores!)

Vitacost $10 link
Upromise link go to link, type in vitacost in search and click on store. When page is loading you will see it say that you are saving 5% for college.

$65.62 shipped to my door from vitacost!

I am all about supporting local businesses, but I have to make sure I can afford the best for my family. I was shopping on amazon, and getting great deals, but had to buy everything in large quantities to get a good per item price

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