Friday, February 14, 2014

About our crazy simple life

So, it occurred to me that I have never really introduced our crazy bunch all too well!

My name is Tamika, HI!!

My husband is Nathan.

We met when I was 13. We started dating on May 31st, 2002(I was almost 15!)...we Married December 31,2004-yes I was 17-NO I was not pregnant.

I told my mom when I was 13 that I would marry that boy...and I did!

We have had our ups and downs, we have always found our way back to what matters-which is our family. We grew up in WI-moved to SC for a couple of years, and found our way back home.

We have 3 awesome kiddos, Zariah (2006), Zarina (2007), and Torrin (2012).

We stumbled upon a more simple life after the birth of our third child.

Torrin was born a little early, but healthy. He screamed non-stop for 2 months! I gave up dairy and gluten (against doctors orders) and skipped the vaccines...and my baby became the perfect child I had dreamt of!
                                                   (feb 2013 picture...he was so little)

The change of diet had me frustrated. I bought into a lot of the "gluten free" alternatives. My food budget was out of control, and we were not eating all that healthy! If I am going to spend that much on FOOD-it is going to be of better quality. Slowly my transition to organic eating and WHOLE foods began!

We had our first garden in 2013. It was HUGE. We learned a lot, and are going to try again this year. We are trying to pull away from many of the modern ways. I want my kids to know where their food comes from, I want them to know how to work hard.

We have 2 dogs. Cash (mutt) and Belle (St. Bernard). We also have 33 chickens and a Rooster-his name is David. The hens are named, but I do not know the names...the hens belong to my big kids.
We got the chickens as babies-they eat organically as well!
 They used the "nursery"until they were big enough to go outside...
It was for show anyway-Torrin has never used HIS nursery...(why did I need it so badly when I was pregnant?)
June 2013-when we got the baby chicks!

I would love to be a work at home mom. 
I would love to make money posting things online for others to read...I am not sure that I am all that interesting though!

To be honest though, I am too busy posting "my posts" between nursing a toddler, cleaning pee off my floor/couch (from said Toddler...), scrubbing paint off the walls and trying to keep a happy home. I do not have time to edit every posting, my grammer, spelling and general "thoughts" will be jumbled together-and I am ok with that!

I am honest-I post things that may be more personal than some bloggers post...this is my safe place.

What are you going to find on my "blog"...?

Everything. Maybe nothing.

-Recipes-always gluten and dairy free-often free of sugar-and NOW Paleo!!
-me rambling on about how I feel...this is my safe place-I spill everything!
-how we are fixing up our home. (it is a fixer upper for SURE!)
-info about things I like or have tried and hated, or my experience shopping different places
-you will learn (quickly) that I'm a bit random, and have trouble staying on topic.

I am learning as I go! My kids are homeschooled (unschooled it seems most days...)
Do I think I  am the best teacher? Not by a long shot-but nobody will ever love my kids as much as I do...they belong with me while they learn-it is safe here.

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